3 Reasons Why You Must Visit Lisbon

Lisbon. A city in Portugal. Now, I’ve been in over 20 major cities in Europe this year. There’s a lot more. I can’t speak for all, but I can speak based on my current experience. And Lisbon is by far my favorite city so far.

But that’s great. Who the hell am I? I need to back myself up. Why should you visit it over any other city?

I always say that it’s not a place that makes a trip great but that it’s the people. It’s great if a place looks great, and Lisbon really does look great. But that wouldn’t matter if people there sucked. 

If you are going to go to a place because you want to meet people, without a doubt, Lisbon is the choice. Great people in restaurants. I mean, I loved my recent trip to Prague or Milan, but in restaurants, the people were not as nice as in Lisbon. Lisbon overall also had very approachable people. I got invited for drinks. I got invited to play football. Everybody was open to talking. And most importantly, everybody spoke great English.

It seems like only the English speaking countries tend to not know several languages.

It’s not the place. It’s the people. And Lisbon has the nicest people I’ve ever met.

The Weather

I was in Lisbon in November. I went from scarfs in Ireland to shorts in Lisbon. If you hate the cold and want to experience Summer during the Fall, then this is where you go. It’s the perfect weather to visit Lisbon. It gets too warm during Summer. This is the weather that allows you to wear shorts. It’s also the weather that allows you to wear jeans. It’s hot. But not too hot.

Getting a boat ride in November? Totally doable. That’s what I did with Tagcruises while wearing a t-shirt. Meanwhile, you are probably reading this while wearing a jumper. Even though you are not next to a river.

The Prices

Eastern Europen countries are great for cheap holidays. But tickets there are pricey during Summer. I was in Poland from the 16th to 19th of November, and it was cold. Flights to Lisbon are cheap in November. It’s also an extremely cheap country. Especially when you look at other countries that use Euro.

I was in Lisbon for two weeks. I did not use more than €350 during my two weeks there. Food was extremely cheap. You could get a great lunch for €5. And the desserts were marvelous too.

If we break it down, you will conclude that it should have been cheaper. Why? As €100 of that went on alcoholic beverages. Completely unnecessary.

A big reason behind why this little was spent also goes down to GuestToGuest. Accommodation costs. Normally you would spend over €350 on accommodation alone. GuestToGuest is a platform that allows you to exchange homes with people. Or you can do it with points. That’s what I used in Lisbon. The only expense is the 3.5% of the deposit charge and the insurance that some homes require.

I’ve used it for the first time in Lisbon and have been really surprised. Of course, this is not like Airbnb. Most people live in these homes. Therefore you shouldn’t always expect welcoming beer, but at least you are getting an authentic experience with tools that generally are of higher quality.

Bonus Tip: Web Summit

Once a year, the world’s giants gather to give talks in many niches. 60,000 people come. Networking of your life happens there. November is a great time to visit Lisbon in terms of weather, it’s also great because of Web Summit.

You get to meet the world’s top minds. You see startups that will soon change the world. You also get to connect with the top people.Who pays €800 for an event if they have no high ambitions?

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