Christmas Gifts That Will Change Someone’s life.

People don’t care about how much gifts cost, people, care about the value they bring, so today we are going over gifts that bring value. Gifts that will change someone’s life. Not going to show speakers. We are going to show products that can change a life. Here are gifts that will change someone’s life.

Swanwick glasses.

Swanwick Glasses.
As a writer who is also a student, I end up writing at night. That requires looking at a screen, sometimes late, the problem with that is, blue light. Something we don’t think about but that matters. This product helps block out blue light, and yes your world will look slightly different in them, not too much, but it will be different. But this product will increase the quality of your sleep.

Stop with your medication. This will help you fall asleep, help you sleep better, and protect your eyes. It’s as simple as putting them on a few hours before your sleep. We often look for so many easy ways out, but forget it’s also things that are so easy to control that often affect us. On this instance, technology. Not to mention, it also acts as a chat up line for some people. “Why are you wearing orange glasses?”

Swanwick Glasses
Unless you are using candles, you will struggle with sleep.

Just think about it. You are on your TV at 9. An hour later you are checking your Instagram on your phone, and watching YouTube on your tablet, then you wake up in the morning and complain about how bad your sleep was, even though you went to sleep at 10.30. That’s the problem, just because you go to sleep, does not automatically make you sleep. I don’t expect you to give up using technology at night, you might need it, I don’t know your story, I sure need it. So put a pair of glasses on. These Swanwick glasses are a solid pair. Even just two hours of extra melatonin a day, it adds up. Think long term.

Buy Them Here: | $89 |

James Swanwick is the founder of Swanwick glasses. He is a man I certainly have on my list of people I would like to meet and will meet. I knew about him for about two years now. He also offers courses to help you quit alcohol that had changed many lives. I luckily never had to take that course, While I don’t have anything against people drinking, I have seen young people my age waste their potential because of it. If you know someone that drinks too much, buy them this. It’s a gift that can truly change someone’s life, or rather save it.

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Thompson Tee, my favorite product ever made. Many people sweat, sweat kills confidence, $29.99 for a life changing product. If you don’t have this, it’s because you never heard of it. If you don’t have it, then buy yourself some for Christmas, and get your friends some too. Your family too. This is a need.

It’s made in the USA. Thompson Tee can provide that confidence you lost many years ago. This happens by a process which converts your sweat into an odorless gas. This product changes lives. No more sweat, no more yellow stains, and no more sweat marks. This product will make you confident. And the best thing is, you don’t smell either, and that’s a big turn-off both for men and women. It’s something that happens on a daily basis too. Don’t just buy one of these. Buy one for your entire family. It’s not a fancy shirt. But it will keep your fancy shirts, fancy.

I wrote about this product many times on my old blog. It’s a solution that doesn’t require any chemicals. It won’t harm you, it’s not made in sweatshops, buy it here.

Buy It Here: | $24.99 – $29.99 |

Sleep Sheppard. book_3

It doesn’t look fancy, the box doesn’t look fancy either, that’s not what this product will give you, this product will give you a system that helps you track your sleep, helps you wake up with a smart alarm that doesn’t wake you up drastically, it’s graduate, and its biofeedback system helps you fall asleep. Combine it with Swawickglasses, and you are in for some sleep. I really like this product. The app could use a slight update, but overall, I love it.

Buy It Here: | $169 |

Zepp Play Soccer/Football.

Zepp play soccerI was looking for this product for five years. Fitbits are great, until your referee asks you to take off your tracker, or shows you a card. This product brings my childhood dreams into practice. It’s an effective system that helps me grow. Statistics work. Knowing how much you ran or how many sprints you made, or even your top speed during the game can tell you a lot, and this also tracks kicking. This system provides you with many opportunities. Statistics work.

Buy It Here: | $99 |


u1505Physiclo and I go a long time back. They changed their name, and logo a few times since then. I also changed my name since that time. This is a product for athletes. This is a product for someone that wants to do less in more. It’s a product for somebody that’s looking for some special formula. This gets you results quicker. You do also feel it more.

This resistance activewear puts resistance on you. You burn more, and you do more. And all of that in less time.

I didn’t get to use it as much recently, due to little problems I had with my ankle. However, I am starting to use it again. Hence that’s why I don’t have any pictures with the newer version. I will sure do a more in depth review on this blog, as I had done on my previous one.

Buy It Here: | $95 – $125 |

And lastly, books. Learning in school is good as far as college goes, but life goes far beyond college. Be educated. Read. I’ll be writing a post about my favorite books released this year, next week. So subscribe to my newsletter to stayed tuned in about that. Check out my newly launched “book ranker” at for some great books. It Will be updated on a daily basis.


They are different than anything you will ever read. They provide a different approach. And sometimes you need a different approach. I’m also working on a little book about how you can make enough money to travel just from working on the weekend. Stay tuned for that.

These are gifts that will change someone’s life.

Cheers. Michael.
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