A Computer or a Laptop? Which Is Better for Work

I knew how to use a computer before I could whistle. Well, actually I still don’t know how to whistle, but I did use a computer since I can remember.

Now, I’m lucky enough to get to work on the internet. Back then I needed a computer or a laptop for gaming. Now I need it for work. Whether editing content or writing. What’s better for work? A computer or a laptop?

Are you looking for a long term or short term solution?

A computer or a laptop? This makes things clear. What are you looking for?

Look at a laptop like a child of a phone and a computer. It lasts longer than a phone but not longer than a computer.

I’ve had four computers in my life. All of them were used already. The current one that I have? It’s seven years old. And it works better than my sister’s laptop with specs that are actually better in some cases.

For the price of that computer, you would not get a laptop that would last seven years. It would work perhaps, but it would not perform as well as a 7-year-old computer. And I use a computer about 9 hours a day, at least 300 days in a year.

Laptops are like phones. They are meant to be replaced. They slow down much quicker than computers.

And perhaps that’s why computers are a better long-term solution. As they can be upgraded easily. You can buy one piece at a time. It makes it more affordable. You might not be able to afford a $2000 laptop off the rack but with a computer? You can upgrade one part at a time while still having a working computer.

Regarding long-term use, computers are better. But if you are thinking of a long-term solution for your business because you want to save your money, then you will need to reconsider your business in 2 or 3 years if you can’t afford an upgrade then.


A computer should last me long. But when you want to travel and you need to work. Having a computer that works in the long-term is of no use to you because you can’t work.

They say your phone is basically a work machine. It’s true that it helps you work, but the screen is too small for convenience. I like to send money from my phone. I like to reply to emails from my phone. All of that is great. But the actual work stuff? It’s not practical. Phones are getting bigger. Great. But whatever size your phone is, divide it by two because when you start typing, you ain’t going to see too much.

Computers are not convenient at all. You need a monitor. You need a keyboard. You need a mouse. They take up space. You can’t move them with ease, even in your house.

There’s no point even to debate this. Computers suck when it comes to convenience. A laptop is a must if you want to work while being away from home. Whatever work is to you.

What to Look For

Those two aspects are the biggest differences between laptops and computers. But there are some common things that you need to look for in whatever option you choose.


Great performance is great. But work for nine hours. I do that. Sometimes even more. I try to keep windows open. Sometimes the office gets ridiculously hot because of my computer. And then it becomes incredibly hard to work. My skin starts feeling oily. I can’t concentrate. It’s a nightmare. A great performer is of no use unless it can maintain a certain temperature. When looking for a computer, computer parts, or a laptop, look for temperature.


With a computer, you’ll have to buy one. With a laptop, you get one. But here are your options, you either get a good keyboard with your laptop, or you have to buy a good keyboard for it.

Here’s why it matters.

I’m a writer, so this probably applies more to me than anyone else but the quality of your keyboard matters. You need the right size. You need the right comfort. It will help you write faster. And speed is everything.


This one actually only applies to laptops. You can’t have a device that will last you only 3 hours. If that’s the case. Laptops are more convenient than computers. But only if the battery lasts. You ain’t going to go around with secondary batteries. Cables tend to be big.


If you are looking for something that will last in the long term, try a computer. But when you are looking to workout outside of your home, a laptop is a must. A laptop with good temperature control along with a good keyboard and battery. Whether you are looking for a computer or a laptop, both will get the job done as long as they have specs that deliver performance. After that, it’s simply about what suits better.

I’ll get some reviews of laptops done soon. A few posts on tech that will change your work forever are coming too.

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