Africa Fashion Week London 2017 – What to Expect?

We have been dividing lately. It’s more noticeable than ever. We are getting more afraid of different cultures and different continents. Africa Fashion Week London is bringing culture to London this August. It’s allowing us to experience a different culture. Something that we need.

The world is not accepting of different cultures lately.

The only way for the worldwide community to bond is by experiencing different cultures. And Africa Fashion Week London allows us to experience African culture. A beautiful way of living that is not often shown by the worldwide media. Only one side is shown. African Fashion Week London shows that other side.

So what to expect? Something different. And that’s why this show is so important. We need different. We need to see different styles. We need to see different ways of living put into a piece of clothing.

Clothing matters. It shows who we are. It shows what we like. And seeing different styles can change our views on that.

With different cultures also come many different people. Some that come from that culture. Others that want to learn about it. That’s an excellent way for you to network with people. And networking can change lives.

This event will be held at Freemason’s Hall and will be on the 11th and 12th of August, 2017. Get your tickets now.




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