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Under $55 College casual look edition

College is almost upon, question is do you want to look good within a student budget? Well you can.  This look is a casual look that will justify a meetup with friends, school, college or even a trip. All of the products come from ASOS, but there’s space for adjustments to your preference in terms of colors and so on, not to mention the thing about ASOS is that they often end up out of stock, not because they are bad at supplies, but simply because of such a high demand on products. These products are well under fifty five dollars.


Starting this whole first episode of “Style of the week” is the  ASOS Rib Extreme Muscle Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Scoop Neck In Beige, if it’s out of stock then feel free to browse ASOS as there is plenty of similar choices on there, plus check back for re-supply.  This product costs $8.06.. That’s the only thing I don’t like about it, picky but round it up. what is one going to do with the remaining four cents? This sleeve is a great choice, it’s already after three washes and is holding on great, it’s a pretty good fit, contrast nicely with tan and for that price you really can’t go wrong, not to mention ASOS deliver super quick. Contrast With Tan

I’d recommend Thompson Tee as an undershirt for it or matter of fact for anything, it’s an undershirt that basically converts sweat into an odorless gas, probably the best investment I ever made, it’s a product that is not officially featured in this, but it’s worth mentioning regardless.

Next up are the ASOS Skinny Jeans With Extreme Rips, the dearest of the bunch, cost of thirty three Dollars and eight six cents… That’s $33.86. Great quality for the price, washed them six times now. Still look great, the holes in them are wider than originally due to the boredom at times. Four pockets, the top two can fit 3/4 of a 5.5 inch phone.  Trousers


Last official product in this weeks episode is the shoe, or matter of fact shoes. ASOS Chukka Plimsolls in Black are only…. wait for it..$10.48. That’s right, ten Dollars and forty eight cents. Madness. I mean madness for the quality they offer. Don’t get me wrong, it does not compare to an four hundred or even two hundred shoe, but it does compete with the fifty dollar range. I had mine for over six months and they are still holding on pretty great, I cleaned them a lot too as they did tend to get pretty dirty.



That’s it for this weeks Style of the week, I hope this gets you ready or inspires your for college, school or whatever it is you are about to do. See you on the next weeks episode. I”ll just mention that bracelets and glasses are a very welcome addition to this style, SuccessIsForAll. Adios.


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