Bershka Cardigan – the Perfect Cheap Cardigan for the Fall?

It’s the first time I bought a piece of clothing other than a t-shirt in a shop in several years. And it’s good that I did with this Bershka piece as I would normally get a small, and this small would not fit me. My arms are too big for it.

The fall is upon us. That means that we will soon be able to add extra layers, and because of that, for most fashion lovers, the fall is certainly the most exciting season.

But is this cardigan a good addition to your wardrobe?

The Fit

The medium fits nicely on my hands. That’s important. That’s the most important thing as we already know that this won’t be the highest quality item if it comes at this price. But if the quality isn’t great, the fit always helps, and if you are on a budget, and looking for a great fit, this item delivers, as long as you know your sizing.

The medium not too tight but at the same time is tight enough to look nice on your body. It’s wider at the biceps section so somebody with bigger arms than mine should fit in these. The forearm section could be a problem though. The medium is a nice length too.

The hood is pretty big too which is good as that’s a big problem that I see with clothing, the hoods aren’t designed for people with longer hair.

I’m 175cm, and that medium fit isn’t too long nor too short. It’s just perfect.

The Look

This piece adds to your look without a doubt. Boring clothing can become interesting clothing with it. A cardigan will always make you look better, and cardigans without a doubt never fail on that. layers are what makes this season special, and this item allows you to wear layers. And that’s a reason why it’s one of the essential for fall if you are on a budget.

The Quality

I get premium products. It’s a very rare sight that I spend less than €20 on an item. Honestly? This piece feels more premium than €20. We are not talking €50 kind of premium but certainly more than €20.

Perhaps it’s the great fit that gives that illusion. And that’s the great thing about this product. While it isn’t made of the best materials, it has that good fit which makes up for the poor structure that cheap products have. Your body makes that structure.

What Is It Great For

This isn’t a piece that you will survive the winter with. It definitely won’t help Jon Snow. It is, however, a piece that will suit the fall perfectly. It won’t keep you too warm, but it will stop you from feeling that breeze on your hands and will give your thighs extra protection too due to the length of it.


If you are looking for an affordable product that will pretty much fit with everything, this is a great choice. It pretty much matches everything and adds a nice layer to you. There’s nothing not to like about it.

Get it here.


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