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You see the problem with school is.. Okay there’s many problems. I’m not going to write a book on this as of yet, but… there’s one major problem that we are going to talk about today. Study.  I hate the way certain students are looked as bad simply because the method of teachers don’t suit them or because the subject they are forced to study does not apply to their life. 

If you can't explain why a subject is applicable to most people's lives, that subject should not be mandatory.
“If you can’t explain why a
subject is applicable
to most people’s lives,
that subject should
not be mandatory.”

I’m an individual that stands for what is right over what is, but in order to survive school… you need to study, even if you are working on something that will make you successful at home… As if you don’t study your life will be a living hell during school years. Teachers will make sure of that. And that will have an impact on your life as it will disturb your performance outside of school and also could lead to your parents or what not bringing in punishments if they are that kind of parents.


But SuccessIsForAll is all about bringing you the tools to succeed.. Regardless of your age and regardless of what it is. So what’s the best way to study? A method that will work for you that will make you learn the very things you don’t like or even hate. It is possible.


The power of linking is the solution. Linking what you like with what you don’t like. Let me explain.  For example lately I am intrigued by the study of Cannabis. I want to know what it is that makes this plant illegal compared to some other things that should probably be illegal. I want to learn it’s effects and so on.  By doing research on Cannabis I learned so much on the subjects I never really liked. For example Biology. The Central Nervous System links into the effects of Cannabis, and in order to understand its effects I had to understand the Central Nervous System, and let me tell you I learned more than ever before on it. Why? As I was interested on the topic because it had a meaning, it meant something, knowing it would had a profound effect.


blog postLet’s say you’re interested in engineering, you want to build the highest buildings on the planet, you might hate Geography… But if you research how is it that the highest building stand, then you might get into different types of rocks and what features they have that make them so good or so bad, and that’s how you easily learn about rocks without any hassle that would otherwise be a problem if learned in Geography.

So link, link the positives and the negatives, positives and negatives attract each other, right? So link them! And that’s the best way to study. Learning what you want and in process learning what you not so much want.


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