Big vs Small Brands – How to Impress the Experts

Three questions. Do I want to have premium at a very high cost, do I want to have premium at a high cost? Or do I want to be half-premium at a high cost?

Example time.

You can get shoes for $200. Obviously, that’s not as expensive as shoes get but for an average person that is a high cost.

The question is if you should get shoes for $200 from a less known company or should you get shoes from a very known company that everyone will know about when they see you wearing these shoes? And then the last question, should you scrap getting shoes for $200 and get shoes from that known company for $400 because they will be of the same quality as the $200 ones from the less known quality?

If You Want to Impress “Stupid” People

If you are going out with people that aren’t educated on fashion and can’t tell what a premium product is, then yes, by all means, wear products from the big companies. Now, not to say that big companies make bad products, it’s just that they are overpriced for what they offer.

And no, just because somebody doesn’t know anything about fashion does not make you stupid. It’s okay not to know everything. The problem starts when somebody acts as they know everything about fashion.

Big companies are trusted. They are cool. It’s cool to wear products from popular companies. And because it’s cool, these companies charge you for giving you the ability to be cool.

An average person will only know the name, but they won’t know the quality.

If You Want to Impress With Quality and Uniqueness

Here’s the thing about smaller companies. They often don’t have the facilities to make hundreds of thousands of pairs of one product. Most of the time products from small brands are actually handmade or made somewhere locally. You know that somebody won’t be wearing the same product you will. 

If you go into Addidas to buy a sneaker, there’s a good chance that somebody that you know has a pair too. Especially if these things are available in a shop.

The great thing about smaller brands is that most don’t have shops. And if there are no shops it eliminates the possibility of somebody around you having a pair of your shoes or of any clothing from that brand matter of fact. It makes you more unique.

But also, these smaller companies cannot make a bad product. They have to make a good product. If you are a big company and make an average product, people will still buy it if it looks good because it’s a known brand. If you are a smaller brand and make a bad product then it’s game over. You are done. 

Smaller companies don’t have a name so they must make up for it with their quality.

A Smartphone Example

There’s this company called OnePlus. And then there’s this known company called Apple. Now, we are not going into what phone is better, but we are going to say one thing. OnePlus offers phones with better specs at a much lower price, they make their money because they don’t advertise, or didn’t for a long period of time anyway. Meanwhile, Apple spends a big chunk of the money made on their phones on marketing. This is a perfect example.


There’s nothing wrong with paying a lot if you can afford it. But if you are on a budget, instead of going for a known name, consider buying from a brand that isn’t that well known but that makes products that will last for much longer.

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