Other UK Blackbox – the Best Thing That Happened to Clothing

This changes everything for a lot of people. Cheap clothing sucks. You can feel the difference between £100 trousers VS £20 pound trousers. You can also buy 5 things for £20 if you skip those £100  trousers. And “more” is sometimes needed more than “better” because better only works if you have enough clothing to wear.

And then there’s the Blackbox offered by Other UK which is the best of both worlds.

How Does It Work?

It works like a Kinder Surprise. A male adult Kinder Egg. Clothing replaces toys. And there’s more than one surprise there. You basically are getting clothing that you don’t get to choose. That makes it exciting. It also provides you which more value than you would otherwise get.

Some might see it as a bad thing, is it? We are sometimes too afraid to trying something we never tried before if we have a limited budget. This box makes a choice for us.

But Why Is It So Good?

What if you could get those £100 jeans for £20? I mean, you still pay that £100 pound but you also get several other items. That brings the cost of your trousers down. It’s like you are getting 5 things for £20. But unlike if you were buying clothes that were originally £20, these actually retailed for more.

This box makes that premium clothing affordable.

How Do You Get the Blackbox?

The Blackbox provided by Other Uk isn’t around all year. It only comes after a season. The Summer season is almost over. That means a new box will be coming soon.

Are you ready for it? There are several options. The more expensive ones offer more value. £100 is a sweet point if you are looking for around 5 items.

And if you are really looking for something, write a comment while ordering, if you are lucky, you might get that item that you really wanted.


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