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Whether you are going camping or preparing for the clown apocalypse, it’s always great to have some supplies for survival. On this weeks episode of cool things under we are covering camping essentials. And how you can save over $250 on some of these items.


Let’s start of with the backpack. I mean having all the camping stuff is pretty damn useless unless you have a way to carry it. Ospray Farpoint 40 is my choice, and not my choice only for camping but for everything, for sports, for travel. it has it all. After all it was chosen the best travel backpack in the world. There’s many things I love about this bag and that’s why I’ll do a review on it but let me mention a few reasons why it’s so great. Firstly it’s the most convenient backpack you will ever use.vid_20160910_115540-00_00_25_21-still006 A strap hidden within to make it a messenger or sports bag style.  You can carry it like a suitcase or have it on your back, but what I love about it is the optimization, some products allow such in their backpacks but it’s not convenient. With this bag, if you want to carry it like a sports bag, you can simply zip away the straps.


Secondly, it’s the most spacious backpack I ever used. Obviously you can get bigger backpacks than are bigger(obviously) but for this size this is the biggest and yet most compact, they really took care of maximizing the space within. And it’s really really light, specially considering it contains a frame within. This backpack has so much little and big things that make it so great, and in order to keep this episode a not too long of a read I will keep you waiting on my full review of that back coming next week. But it’s really great.  And I really love the idea of the app which picks the right size for you, this allows for better experience.


And just lastly a little thing, open a normal backpack, open Farpoint 40. Damn, your ability to pack better and more increases with the greater angle of view, this backpack opens fully. It’s around $140.vid_20160910_115540-00_00_31_22-still011



Now that we have our backpack I think it’s wise to name out some of the essentials for camping, starting from the top left, The Camp Stove Set, great little thing, while you can eat bars on a journey, it’s no fun, there’s no thrill in it, it fabricates the experience. I’m not saying kill an animal but at least make some soup or something hot, that really adds to experience, eating your own cooked soup at a fire while singing music and looking in the stars. Try it. You will love it. This item  originally costs $59.99 but I will show you a way you can get it for much cheaper later on.

Next up is the BattleBox tent, one man tent of really high quality, I mean after all the value is of $199.99, once again you can get that cheaper too. Generally speaking I would not advice sleeping in a one man tent as I’d suggest going in groups and therefore sharing a tent, but if you are tight on space or you are in a state of emergency, this tent will hide you well. Both in terms of colors as well as of how small it is.  And there isn’t much to setting it up, it’s fairly easy. Provided you read the instructions first. It’s easy if you know the steps.

Next item really links in  with that tent. Speed Cinch Original Stakes. These stakes will save your time, no more messing around trying to tie the tent down. A patent is pending for this product and it’s only 13.99


Going back to the Camp Stove, you need to eat with something, I don’t recommend putting the heated bowl by your lips to drink the soup, this next product, I like to call it spoono-fork-knife. It’s called Light My Fire Camp Spork and retails at $2.95. Cannot recommend this product enough, it’s small enough to even carry in a pocket if really needed.

But now, this is where the fun starts, the knife, you need a knife. You do. Don’t ever underestimate that.  Obviously if it’s just camping at a festival then no, don’t bring a knife, but it going on an adventure (or to kill a clown) then a knife could be vitally useful, specially if going into the unknown, you don’t know what will happen, it could save your life for all you know. Cutting a fence, cutting a branch, starting a fire… This GERBER LMF II Infantry Knife  is made in Portland and really delivers. it currently sells for around $89.95 but like previously, I’ll show you a way to get it cheaper.


What if you fall into a lake and your lighter stops working, in an ideal situation you will be able to create a fire source but let’s say the temperature is extreme and you will not be able to start a fire from items around you. Exotac Waterproof fireSLEEVE retailing at $14.95 can provide the solution, it’s like an iPhone waterproof case, Keeps your lighter dry.

The two next items are based around getting rid of mosquitoes and insects, it essentially protect you from them. One is a spray, the other is a candle. For me it’s pointless, not because it doesn’t work but simply because Ireland doesn’t have such a situation with mosquitoes, but anyone struggling with them. It’s worth a try. Put together they retail for around $16.


Starting fire isn’t easy, sometimes we can use a little help, specially in areas like Ireland where everything is always wet,  We all Zippo Campfire Starter Cedar Puck will help with that fire. Still stuck? Dave Canterbury’s (Self-Reliance Outfitters) Mini Inferno  has you covered too. That product costs $7.99 while the Zippo Campfire starter is just $1.95.


So now, remember how I said you can get many of these items at a huge discount? Yes, you can save $250 if you buy them via Battlbox, it’s a monthly survival subscription box, as a standard you get this box as your first, it’s value at over $400, you pay $150. You get the knife, you get the tent, you get the stove. Everything in that second picture, plus of course the two fire starters which I forgot to include in that picture.


But camping essentials are not over.  Fitbit Charge HR, the only tracker I use (How Fitbit Changed My Life.) When you are hiking you want to know how far you are travelling, how many steps you are taking, you want to know information on the quality of your sleep, you want to know how much calories you burned, and be able to constantly track your heart rate. Charge HR  delivers.  but you also want something that’s faithful and will work easily. This tracker delivers, it never failed me, read the blog post on how Fitbit changed my life  to find out more about it, but trust me, the best tracker you can get, only downfall is that it’s not waterproof. There’s a new version called Charge 2 out now that might be worth taking a look at too.  Check it out here: Fitbit Charge 2. It retails at 149.953422_8-blog

And lastly. BrightSounds Lava speaker. I love it, it reminds me of a lantern. This completes in my opinion camping essentials, it’s not  just a speaker, it’s also a light, a lantern, it’s superb in terms of that, it will light up the music in the dark, whether in the tent or not, I tried it camping, works. The speaker could be slightly louder and provide more bass but at the same time provides much more value than competitors at the same price, and at about 49 dollars you really can’t go wrong with it. Buy It Here:

I think these products are a great addition to camping, some necessary, some simply tools, there’s many other essentials not mentioned here, but I take it for granted that you know a few things missing. Each of these products is under $150, or if added up $150. Enjoy your camping, stay safe, but not too safe, you need some rush of energy coming. But if anything goes wrong, then don’t forget one thing,  to…4-1-of-1

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