Fitbit Charge 2 Review. Best Tracker for 2017?

It’s merely a tool. It won’t make you run. It won’t make you exercise. It won’t do any of that. At the end of the day, it’s still about deciding to take action. But once you make that decision, then Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the most powerful devices that you can have. Fitbit eliminates the need to track, it does it for you, and that, that is everything.

If you don’t track then everything that you are doing is random. And doing random things will bring you random results.DSC_1019.00_09_38_36.Still003

Most of us are also too lazy to track. We might succeed at first, but eventually, eventually, we stop. A fitness tracker eliminates that. The Charge 2 isn’t just a device that will track. It’s also a device that will make sure you will do even more if you make that decision to do.

“The main reason many people give up is that tracking requires too much effort, Fitbit does it all for you. Data simply works.”

I had the Charge HR. It had everything a tracker really needed. We are talking heart rate sensors, steps, distance. It had it all. It changed my life.  The Charge 2 is a combination of what works with what used to work. Like Hannah Montana said, “the best of both worlds.” If you never had the Charge HR, let’s just say, it’s probably the most loved fitness tracker ever created!

Now, I’m not going to marvel to you about how great Fitbit is when it comes to tracking steps taken or distance covered. This is a fitness tracker, if it sucked at counting steps, I wouldn’t even be reviewing it.

Instead, we are going to talk about things that actually matter to people. I mean, we care about getting notifications. We want reminders. We want to wake up without waking up the people we care about.  Let me repeat. “We are going to talk about things that actually matter to people.” And yes, the battery does last five days.

Continuous Heart Rate

book_4A feature loved by the Charge HR users. Many trackers “offer” heart rate sensors. The problem? It’s a gimmick. A specification that looks nice on paper. Being able to check your heart rate once every hour is not a feature.

That does not give you an accurate outlook on your day. You could be kissing at that one moment your heart rate is being measured. You could be running. You could be stressed out. 24-hour continuous heart rate tracking, that’s why I love the Charge series.

Once you notice the value that heart rate monitoring brings you, you will not want to take your tracker off. Being able to see your progress throughout weeks, being able to see your heart rate through exercise, it’s a big thing. Knowing your heart rate helps you track your progress at a level you never thought was possible before.

It’s not a medical grade product by any means. It sometimes makes mistakes. But then again, every second of the day is better than heart rate checked once every hour. You probably aren’t a professional either. Good enough is all you will probably need. It’s about insights rather than full accuracy. Having a continuous heart rate feature makes Charge 2 a must have for me.

Silent Alarm & Sleep Tracking


Just because you think you did something doesn’t mean you did.

We love to sleep. We love to sleep in the morning. At night? Not so much.

Sleep is like that “good” friend that we (some people) talk to when there’s no one around us. With a group of people? We treat that “good friend” like they are non-existent. A piece of shit.

In terms of sleep, that group of people? TV’s, phones, tablets.  When you got other options, you tend to choose them. Then you wake up. And then you also feel tired, but yet marvel that you did get enough sleep, it’s just that you are a special kind of a person. Em, no. Track your sleep. You will see how much you overestimated the length of your sleep.

By being able to notice the patterns present in your sleep, you can then make changes to your sleep by experimenting.  And if you change your sleep, you change your life.


You won’t appreciate it until you try it. Go to sleep. Set your alarm for early hustle. 5 A.M. Wake up your girlfriend. Wake up your wife or husband. Wake up your children. Fitbit? It provides vibrations. That’s the solution. This form of an alarm works because it’s silent to others but not to you. A strong vibration will wake you up. It’s a solution that works.

What’s New?

Bigger Screenbook_30 smaller

Yes, I loved the Charge HR, but the screen wasn’t big enough. Having a Bigger screen makes checking your stats easier. It also means you can show off your stats much easier.  For instance, I can now finally check the time and my heart rate at the same time.

I do however know that certain people don’t like to have screens on their fitness trackers. It’s personal preference.

Reminder to Movebook_28

As a writer, I sit a lot, more often than not that means that I forget to move. That hourly reminder. It’s everything. Doing a lot of steps during a day is great, but it needs to be balanced.  A simple reminder makes all the difference. Why do you think that the most successful people in the world hire trainers? Not necessarily because they can’t-do something themselves. It’s mostly for accountability.

Interchangeable Bandsfitbit review

This might not be a big deal for everyone. But when I’m going running, followed by a date, I like to track both. The previous version didn’t really allow me to do that. With this, I have a rubber band for my workouts and a leather band for my dates. That matters. I can’t be looking half formal, half not formal. That would normally mean I would have to bring a different device or simply a watch. That wasn’t ideal either because a watch doesn’t track steps. This device solves that problem.

Unfortunately, the leather bands aren’t of the highest quality.

Relax ModeDSC_1019.00_07_48_16.Still002

Sometimes all we need to do is breathe. It’s hard to do when we are worried. Fitbit guides you through that with its new function that is based on reading your breathing. It’s simple. It works. Breathing works.

What Still Could Be Better

Fitbit + Water Relationship

Look at the date. 2017. We like water. We like to take pictures with our phones. We also love to be able to check the time in the water. Want to go swimming? You need to take your Fitbit off. Somebody could steal it.


In 2005, these notifications would be great. It’s 2017. We Snapchat, we Instagram.  Some people even use Tinder. Providing a notification for a new message isn’t enough anymore. True. Fitbit allows you to save battery by not providing this, but even something simple such as being able to check the weather on your device is extremely useful. It’s not needed, but it helps. Checking that you got a new Snapchat matters. It matters in a world when getting a new Snapchat means that you got a new message. Some people might want to see if they got a new match on Tinder.


It connects to the GPS on your phone. One of the main reasons I wear trackers is so that I don’t need to carry my phone with me. This kind of ruins the whole purpose of having a tracker.

However, Fitbit was already the most accurate tracker I ever had. It’s great for calculating steps and distance, without GPS.



Overall, this tracker. It’s my favorite I tried to this day. It’s still missing a few things, but Fitbit is on the right track. It’s great for people that are looking for something more than a watch but less than a 2008 smartphone in your hand. If fitness is solely your goal, then this product is perfect.

It’s a tracker that you will love. It’s not a smartwatch. It’s not just a watch. It’s the best of both worlds. It won’t be great for extreme sports. It is a tracker that works for people that love fitness. Data works. Fitbit is great when it comes to providing it. Especially when you also use the Fitbit app. But we’ll save that for another post.


  • Big Screen.
  • Simple.
  • Interchangeable Bands.
  • Good Battery Life.
  • Great tracking.
  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Price.


  • Poor Notifications.
  • Not Waterproof.



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