How to Get Cheaper Clothing in Europe

Cheap doesn’t mean bad. Cheap does mean bad if you buy in a bad place. And if you are in a country that has Euro’s or Pounds then you will probably not buy anything good for cheap. 

Today we are not talking about sales. Everybody knows about them.

Get Suprised

The less you know the cheaper it is. Okay. Not really. Unless it’s from Other UK.  They sometimes offer black boxes. These contain items of clothing. The catch? You don’t know what you are getting.

This allows you to step out of your comfort style. It also means that you can get a lot more items for less.

These items come from last season but the value is incredible. I got trousers that normally cost £110 for £100. Along with 5 other items. Incredible value.

They don’t come around too often so be ready.

Jeans by Other UK

How to Get the T-shirts and sportswear cheaper

If you go to a cheap shop in Ireland, you can get a t-shirt for about 7. That t-shirt will have an average design but it’s a piece of clothing and you probably need that at an affordable price right now. But you’ll go on that holiday to come back two weeks later with that t-shirt not being in the same condition as when you got it.

Now, go to Poland. It’s a different currency. The Polish money is worth 4 times less than Euro. Go into a Polish brand and buy there. Yes. You will need to fly there so that costs. But you could also get a courier to ship it to you.

Don’t buy in known brands in Poland but buy in local brands. That’s how you save a lot. Nike will still have to keep the prices at the same level. Meanwhile, the Polish brands make products that Polish people can afford more easily with the Polish currency.

You can get a t-shirt for 29zl which is about 7. If a t-shirt is on a sale, you can get it for 14zl. That’s 3.5. Sometimes the prices are slightly higher but even then they are still extremely affordable.

House Brand
3-year-old House Brand T-shirt

I have bought from these brands 2-3 years ago and the pieces of clothing I got then are still in my wardrobe and they are still looking pretty good.

These brands are high quality but sold at prices that relate to Polish people. They are also braver. The Polish style is not afraid of using “bad words” or stating brave statements. It’s clothing that gets people asking about where you got your t-shirt.

New Cropp T-shirt

My Recommendations: Cropp  & House Brand

Both of these offer incredible styles.

How about Sportswear then?

4F is the absolute champion in that sector.

You can get cheap sportswear in other Europen countries too but they don’t match when it comes to quality or design. 4F produces clothing with a modern design that is worn by Polish Olympic Athletes. It was founded 10 years ago and has grown massively. These actually offer shops throughout Europe and they really are worth checking out.


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