Why Clothing Matters to Your Success

Do you post shit pictures on Instagram?

You are afraid that people will judge you. Well, it works the same in real life, people judge you. The problem with real life is that there isn’t a filter and you have no control over what people see once you put on that piece of clothing.

Unless you are a billionaire and you are the boss of everyone and are fully independent of other companies, clothing matters.

Clothing Won’t Provide You Success But…

But, it helps. It adds. It’s that 10%. You won’t reach success with that 10%, no doubt about it. That 90% is the most important, but impressions matter. When you are on the same level as somebody else, and you are competing for something, the guy who looks better will win.

Your skills matter. Your hustle matters. Clothing matters. But clothing only matters if you take care of the other things. If you suck, no clothing will help you.


We make impressions. We judge people. You probably judge people. It’s natural. You are more likely to talk to people that look great, right? Assuming you are not shy, you are more than likely to talk to great looking people than average looking people if you have a choice. Right?

Clothing Adds Confidence

Put on one of the best looking Fall jackets on, the Dry Days Mac looks great. It automatically adds confidence. When you feel like you look good, you are more confident. Now, people will tell you that it shouldn’t work like that and you should feel confident without good clothing, that’s true. You should feel confident without good clothing, but yet you still feel better with good clothing. It’s that 10%, so use it.

People See Clothing With What You Stand For

If you are wearing oversized clothing that looks poor, people automatically assume that this is what you have to offer. Like Gary Vaynerchuk said, whether you like it or not, you are in the branding game. And you are, whether you are a writer or a lawyer. It’s a branding game. Who has a better brand, and that’s who people choose. They choose the better brand. They want to see somebody that brings confidence with their clothing. Clothing represents what you stand for in a way.

Now, obviously, this isn’t the main factor. You need hustle. You need all of that. If you don’t put in the work, clothing won’t help you. But once you do that, clothing matters.

People Judge Book by Covers

Deal with it. If you do not make changes that make you look better. You are going to have a harder journey. It’s not going to be impossible, but people will choose nice covers first.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need expensive. It doesn’t mean that you need the most known brands. It simply means that you need quality and when it comes to looks, it’s all about the fit. It’s about how your clothing fits and matches. Forget the brand names. Make sure the clothes you wear fit you.

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