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What’s the point of success if you don’t have health? There’s people that reached the highest levels of success that hate their life because they ruined their body so much that they cannot move. Would you trade in your health for success that you can do nothing with? Take care of your health. Here are some products that can help your health.

The first product from a FITBIT CHARGE HRwell known company to all of us. Fitbit, and the product name…Charge HR. I tried a dozens of fitness trackers. “Charge” is the only one I actually use today. The other ones are just an accessory for my second hand. Great sleep tracking. Great steps tracking. Durable. What else can I say. I made a review of this product on my previous blog which the old followers will recall.  

This tracker made me realize that we often over estimate. Turns out I was sleeping twice under what was optimum before using this tracker. And of course a great alarm on it. Quiet but powerful. Get it here: Fitbit Charge HRFitbit charge hr

Next on the list is a product called Jaybird X2.  I said before “Unpack. Turn on. Put on. Instantly get inspired to workout. Jaybird X2. ” Music can change lives.

Jaybird X2 Great quality can emphasize that even more. Great design, quality in terms of build and music quality. Lots of accessories. Bass is great because it’s not over dramatized.  And this product is currently at a great price. Check it out here: Jaybird X2



To change it up a bit, we are now going into technology that does not use electricity.  Founded by Frank Yao a student at NYU and Keeth Smart, a silver Olympian at 2008 Olympics. Physiclo simply deliver. PhyiscloWorking out takes time, right?  Not everyone runs, but footballers (Both American and European) have to run. And that takes time, what if you could increase intensity to decrease the run time? This product allows that.  But this product isn’t just for running, it will do for any type of body workout. Increased heart rate, using more of your muscles and using muscles that normally wouldn’t be as engaged. And if you were to do the same amount of workout you normally do, then you are still doing more. Buy it here: Physiclo  (Get 15% off + Free Shipping- Expires on  18 Oct 2016)


Next on the list is Fitbit Aria.

Fitbit AriaIt’s amazing how not so long ago there was no such thing as WiFi…Take a few steps into the present and we are in an era when there’s WiFi in your weighing scale. Aria sends a tiny electrical signal to your body which measures not just your Fat percentage but also your Body Mass Index. And all of that is then sent to yourFitbit Aria account where you can view it along with all your other stats. 

I know weighing scales are not considered accurate, but it’s not even about accuracy, it’s about accountability and being able to see some sort of view on your progress. That’s what it’s about.  Buy it here: Fitbit Aria


What’s up next next? Manduka eko Light. Difference between a normal yoga mat and Manduka mat is fantastic. You can feel it under nearly every single aspect. It’s thinner, lighter, more comfortable and better quality than most mats on the market. I’ll leave it at that. Buy it here:  Manduka eko Light.




And the last thing on the list is Organifi created by Drew Canole and his team. Benefits of juices are well know ( Not from shops), but we don’t always have time to go to juicer and make a juice. Organifi is one of the only products I would trust in terms of providing beneficial ingredients compared to the negatives many companies add.. Check it out here: Organifi


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