The Monster Created by Online Dating.

girl-1712682Go to a pub, go to a club. Stand. Watch that hot girl standing alone five meters away from you. Turn on your phone. Text a randomer. Pretend that girl beside you doesn’t even exist. Back it up with “I’m not drunk enough to talk to her,” or “She’s probably taken…” Wake up and marvel to your friends about that girl you have never seen or talked to… but found on Tinder. The girl that is probably texting all of the county. Dating app… or desperate much… Ladies and Gents. Is this what this generation has to offer? Does this make us happy, or is hiding our struggle that we forgot how to talk, simply because we have a choice, a few years earlier it was simply part of life.

Too much choice undoubtedly unconsciously destroyed the great aspects of humanity. If you see that girl, don’t pretend, do something.

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