STOP LIVING IN THE FUCKING 1980’s. Forget the Degree.


You draw, write, do anything creative? STOP LIVING IN THE FUCKING 1980’s.

You don’t need a degree.

That piece of paper that you get after you graduate, it does not guarantee you shit. A degree is cool, it’s nice to have, it’s well respected, but it doesn’t guarantee you shit.

People today want creativity, going to college is simply not enough anymore as a test doesn’t show your value.



The Fact You Think You Need a Degree Is Your Problem

Are you getting a degree to show that you can do, or are you getting a degree as proof that you are legit?

 “I can do it because I have a degree.” 

Proof that you can do something because a piece of paper says so. You think this paper gives you permission to do. Nope.

Let me tell you something, if you are working every day, writing, designing, painting, managing or whatever it is you do, you don’t need a degree, you need belief.

You grew up in an environment that made you believe you need a permission slip to go out and do.

We were programmed to ask if can we go to the bathroom.

You need to believe in your abilities. That’s what makes people stand out.

If you can draw because you spent all your spare time of your childhood drawing and already make money from it, then why not double on that and grow that out instead of going to college. Or perhaps apply for a job in that field.

If you know your way around the modern media, then why go to college to learn media. Why?

The thing about business is that if you don’t learn what’s relevant, then you get forgotten. Look at Kodak, look at Blackberry. You need to implement what’s relevant.

Gary Vaynerchuk stated this recently: “There is no university or college that exists that is even remotely equipped to educate you properly on communications and marketing in the world we live in today.” And that’s the problem, it’s not just one area, it’s many of them. 

tie-690084-3 “If you are going to go to a business that is going to sell you a shit product, that you are then going to pay compounded interest in, that you can’t even declare bankruptcy  to get out of, that’s called extortion, fucked up, fucking crazy ass shit…” – Gary Vee

Is It Realistically Worth It?

If you are going to go out into a world in which you will struggle to pay in, at first anyway, where you are then going to be a slave to someone as you pay back your debt, then is it really worth it?  But you also have to pay all your bills so you can survive during that time, and what about you “living” and experiencing after college? What if your parents have more than one child and they have to provide for them too? So I ask you, will your college degree make up for all that money? Considering most graduates end up working jobs that don’t require a degree… (source)

Sometimes You Need a Degree:

  • If you want to be a doctor, then get a degree, you need it for that. That requires training, it’s different. Mistakes in creative work don’t cost you your life, your mistake could cost the lives of someone else in terms of medicine. That’s different. 

 You Need to Be Good:

Belief is one thing, but if you suck then you suck. Most people think you get a degree and it’s like you are automatically better than most and more privileged, not true.

The world doesn’t care. Today, people are looking for evidence that someone works hard. If you ask me, I wouldn’t look for someone that has a degree but nothing to show for it, I’d much rather that teenager that wrote a blog post every day for the last three years, that speaks more.

swimmer-1678307You Won’t Succeed Straight Away

Take your time, treat it like a college degree course, be patient. That’s what most people lack. They lack patience and then they give up. Life is hard, it’s not easy.

Brandon Carter.


You Have an Advantage Though:

Time. The most valuable currency in the universe. Look, you have a shelter from your parents. Think about all that time you had during vacations and multiply it and look at it in terms of work. Incredible, right?

When someone else is learning how to market in college, you are not only out-passing them when learning on your own terms (Books and learning from people on the internet that are actually doing it,) you are also out passing people because you are learning relevant information.

What worked last year may not work today. You have time to do, I mean you don’t have children, you don’t have parents to take care of, make use of that. Use this asset you have.

 Consume Relevant

Let me just pull up a quote from Abraham Lincoln. “Don’t trust everything you read on the internet.” But if you spend enough time on the internet which you probably do, and focus on what interests you, then you will eventually find relevant content that will help you.

And you know, the great thing about bullshit, if you do this wise thing called experimentation, considering this isn’t a death or life situation, then you can pull out the bullshit that doesn’t work and eventually collect what works.

While you spend four years in college, you could spend that four years writing, that speaks for more. Here’s the thing. College teaches. In this world, it’s people that do that win. Doesn’t matter how shit. If it’s shit, it’s still going to win compared to something you never released. Got a great story? Write it now. People come up with the same ideas all the time, you think you are unique but you are not. If you don’t do what you have in your head, somebody else will eventually come up with that.

Got a great story? Write it now. People come up with the same ideas all the time, you think you are unique but you are not. If you don’t do what you have in your head, somebody else will eventually come up with that.

Check out the Wikipedia for the list of Multiple discoveries if you doubt it. I posted a Daniel Wellington watch picture at the Cliffs of Moher yesterday, felt like they would share it.book_2

I had this picture for over two weeks now, after posting it I scrolled through my Instagram feed and what do I see? A picture posted by Daniel Wellington at the Cliffs of Moher posted one hour prior.

There is An “IF.” Go to College If You Really Suck.workplace-1245776

Now I’m not saying don’t go to college because if you are not on a level that you know you have an ability, I would absolutely go to college. But if you possess something you are already good at, and you work on it each, then you will climb to a higher level than you ever imagined.

If you are that random “kid” that says education is bad, but at the same time instead of gaining any other knowledge chooses to play on all of your free time on your PlayStation hoping for a shooting star to fall, forget it.

If you are that person then you need college. If you are an individual that works continually every day and educates himself or herself. Then you can succeed.

If you know you aren’t good enough at something, if you don’t believe you are good enough or didn’t find something that you have a profound interest in then, by all means, go to college.

Whether working on Fiverr or Upwork for a lower wage or part time for a bunch of different people, that goes into your CV, that goes into your experiences, and work speaks more than studies. I never had a college degree in design, doesn’t stop me from designing for a consulting business that consults the likes of Devin McCourty. I wrote blog reviews that were noticed by book authors with thousands of followers. Millionaires invested in me. Perhaps luck, or perhaps simply belief in my abilities and simply doing.

People that failed will tell you that it’s not possible, but it’s also the people that complain that are the people that always fail. Succeeding doesn’t take much. It simply takes work, and that’s something most people don’t do. All the secrets for success have been already told, people simply don’t do.

People spend more time talking about how much they are working rather than working. Ideas need execution. If you don’t suck, you have a big opportunity in front of you.

The only thing that is stopping you is you.



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