Dell XPS Series – the Best Laptops for Business and Travel?

Dell XPS. There’s a 13″ version. And then there’s a 15″ version. You either probably already have it or you never heard of it. That’s the reality. It’s something you fall in love with if you see it in the first place.

I’ve been to several countries in the last few weeks. Poland, Cech Republic, Italy, and France. I did not see any of the Dell XPS products on display on any of the tech shops there. And I love tech shops. It’s like it’s hard to find it.

Seeing something on the internet is great. You need to see it in person to know if it’s the right choice for you. But I checked several of the XPS products at Dell’s product showcase in Dublin recently.

So is it worth it?

The Design

I had laptops. You had laptops. You also had smartphones. And when you look at your smartphone from 2012 and when you look at a smartphone from up to 2017, you will see an enormous difference. But then you look at laptops, and it doesn’t exist. It’s like progress stopped.

But then you look at the XPS series by Dell. You automatically feel like what you are using is new.

It’s thin. It’s not just thin. It’s bezeless. And that’s a big thing. Smartphones got thin enough. Laptops got thinner, but they still take space. The lack of bezels makes the shape factor significantly smaller. And that’s a big deal in terms of travel. Once you try it, you will never be able to go back.

It looks fantastic. It also saves space. But there’s one big flaw. The camera position. It is ridiculously bad. Why eat healthy if you are going to have a double chin in it anyway? It’s terribly positioned.

Luckily, the XPS 13 2-in-1 can be rotated and therefore you can have your webcam on top of your device when needed.

And yes, there are a few types of the XPS devices. The XPS 13 is 13.3 inches. The XPS 15 is 15 inches. There’s also the 2-in-1 which can act like a tablet.

The design may not matter to you. But space probably does. What if you could have a device that comes with the same screen as your current machine, in a smaller body? Would that not make your life easier? Would you not be able to fit more things into your briefcase?

Specs That Work

Specs that work for everybody actually. If you are a photographer and want to edit on a matt display, you can do that. If you want to watch TV shows in 4K after your business hours while traveling, you can do that. If you aren’t a heavy memory user, there’s something for you there, if you are, then there’s something for you too.

Specs are only specs. It’s all about optimization too. Dell has done their job on both.

Don’t get me wrong. Don’t expect to play the best games in 4K. But they will work on pretty high settings. Although, since Dell didn’t let me keep one of the XPS devices for a week or two to review, I cannot confirm that.

But the XPS series is designed for business. If you are looking for gaming, then go for a gaming laptop like in a picture below. It has the power that you need.



XPS for Work

Once again, I didn’t get to test it out for a long enough period to tell how great it is exactly. This was a showcase. I generally get to keep products.

But when it comes to work, there are several aspects you have to look at.

The keyboard. The touchpad. The speed. The battery. These are the four key elements that a laptop needs in order for you to have the best experience possible both while working and while traveling. The first two have alternatives. The last two don’t.

The Keyboard

The keyboard on the XPS 13 and 15 is easy to get used to. The gaps in between are big enough. You also feel like the keyboard isn’t too flat which is the case with the Microsoft Surface. That’s important. The quality of a keyboard will determine how fast you get things done. Especially if your work involves a lot of writing. It’s the little mistakes that you make because of a keyboard that can slow you down.

Both the XPS 13 and 15 have a good keyboard that lights up at night. An essential for work in bed. Of course, these don’t offer keyboards that are as good as proper keyboards, but they are better than most laptop keyboards without a doubt.

And if you find that you don’t a keyboard offered by XPS, then you can always get a secondary keyboard.

The Touchpad

This is something that I never like too much. It’s a personal thing. I find that touchpads slow me down. After using a mouse for 10 years, it’s hard to re-adjust to a touchpad. If you love mouses, then I recommend that you use your mouse. If you always loved touchpads, then this a touchpad that’s better than most of the touchpads I tried.


The size doesn’t matter if this device isn’t fast. It doesn’t need to play 4K games, but it does not to be able to withstand several tabs on a browser. It does need to be able to multitask great. It needs to be able to transfer files at a great speed. And all of the XPS models deliver on that. They are designed for business, and they make your business life easy. 


This perhaps matters the most. If your laptop needs to be connected to a charger at all times then it sucks. XPS? Dell provided pretty impressive numbers. But so do Samsung and Apple with their phones, but numbers are only statistics. I didn’t get to test it for long enough to tell. I can, however, say that based on YouTube reviews, the XPS devices have a pretty great battery, especially the new ones with 8th gen processors.


Modern standards

To sum up the XPS series, it’s a series that is ready for the future. You buy this now. You will still be good to go in 3 years. This series is years ahead in terms of competition. Yes, a lot of laptops have USB-C now, but they still lack on a touchscreen, 4K displays, and bezeless bodies. You can even get a fingerprint scanner on the XPS devices.

XPS series is great for travel. It’s also great in terms of business. It’s a perfect laptop for nomads or travelers.

I generally don’t like writing about products I don’t get to keep as I can’t test everything I want about them, but it was worth writing about the XPS series as they are the best choice when it comes to business.

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