Denim Sunglasses – a Gimmick or a Nice Addition? Mosevic Glasses

Denim sunglasses. Yes. You heard it right. Made out of denim. Handcrafted. In the UK. All of this seems fantastic. Is it really?

Something Different

Look at all of the glasses coming out now. Then look at these. These Denim glasses are something completely different.

But these are not a trend. These are not an old-school piece that has stayed in style. They certainly don’t look good on everyone.  They are different. And that makes them special because you probably won’t see anyone else wearing them.

So when it comes to being unique, these Mosevic Cassini glasses will deliver. But they also offer several other options.

Do People Notice?

That’s the biggest problem I have with these. Having a unique pair of glasses only works if you people notice. And people don’t notice too much.

Not unless they are super close to you. And even then, they sometimes believe that these glasses simply have some pattern stuck on.  It’s not until most people touch them that they realize that these glasses are made out of denim. “I thought this was simply a print.”

As Premium as It Gets

Don’t get me wrong. There are glasses that are more premium. But there’s not a lot of glasses that you can get handcrafted in the UK for this price. Yes, these are not made in China. And that’s a reason to get these over most other glasses. The frames are strong. The lenses are strong. You feel premium. You feel different.


My personal opinion

I love these. But I love thinner glasses more. I love wearing these though. I feel unique with these. I do however notice that a screen protector does not go well with the lenses that these glasses have, but then again, glasses are made to block out the sun and not to look at the phone.

If you are looking to be unique, then consider adding these to your accessories.

Denim sunglasses are not a  gimmick but they are certainly not an essential, they are a piece to look for if one wants to feel unique.

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