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Daniel H. Pink DriveSee, the reality is there are so many ways of doing things, but many people do things not the way that works best for them, but the way that’s the easiest, the laziest, the safe road.

Daniel H. Pink’s book “ Drive” will have a profound effect on how you do things, as when you start to understand all those automatic mechanisms in our brains, then you start to understand changes are needed to become the best version of you. This book is a must read for any business owners with employees.

It’s this whole bunch of systems essentially developed by human beings throughout the ages, most of us have the bad one, and most of us use the bad methods based on those systems.

“People use rewards expecting to gain the benefit of increasing another person’s motivation and behavior, but in so doing, they often incur the unintentional and hidden cost of undermining that person’s intrinsic motivation toward that activity.” This book goes in depth in terms of research and experiments, “higher incentives led to worse performance” which is the first major mistake many companies make. Rewards narrow focus, Another study was done by having commissioned, and non-commissioned workers paint. Tthe non-commissioned workers were shown to be more creative.

As often that passion, that joy of doing something simply becomes work for someone else. A teacher, an artist, A musician. All of these always start up fired up, but as years go by, it just becomes work rather than passion. “The problem with making an extrinsic reward the only destination that matters is that some people will choose the quickest route there, even if it means taking the low road.

This book provides deep insights into what works and what doesn’t work in terms of rewards and punishment. It’s essential for any business owner.

But what’s the most important part I learned in this book? Let me just go over the three ways to make your employee better.

  • First, allow people to work their own desired way. State what you need an accomplished but don’t about how they need to do it.
  • Second, Acknowledge why it’s necessary. If it’s a boring job, then if one sees the importance of it, they will do better at it.
  • Third. R.O.W.E Results Only Work Environment. No schedules. Show up when you want as long as you get work done, whatever way you want. See let us say you got that game of thrones finale at the same time you are working. You won’t be working to your top. You will be thinking about what you are missing out on. If you go work earlier then you will get all done, you will be engaged. This method, of course, won’t work for someone that needs to work at a fixed time, but for projects and so on, it’s a game changer.

The freedom you create for an individual with these methods is far more valuable than anything anyone else will offer.

This was my first book I ever got, I didn’t really find it that valuable at that age, but a few years later I see why it’s a bestseller and so highly rated. If you want to discover how to work better or how to make others work better, then this book is for you.

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