Dublin Tech Summit 2017. Best Event That Ireland Will Offer This Year.

When you go from a town with the population of 10,000, to an event with the population of 10,000, then you do have different expectations. But here’s the difference, same amount of people, complete different ambitions. My town, I don’t hate it, it simply lacks ambitions.

Obviously, there are exceptions, but me, I feel so superior in my town, there’s very little I can learn from anybody. And that sucks. Dublin Tech Summit? I finally felt like I didn’t stand out, I felt like I was on the same level as people.

Matter of fact, I felt like many people were on a much higher level. This event made me realize I have so much potential, that I have so much more to do, it was a wake-up call.  I have seen people full of ambitions, full of stories. “I’m an investor,” “I’m a CEO,” “I’m a journalist,” in a way, it was weird. I felt at home. I felt like I belonged there.


I can’t say that “The Dublin Tech Summit” will be the best event Ireland will offer this year. I can say that this event changed lives, and most importantly created so many connections between nationalities and even locals. See, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the talks that mattered, it’s not the startups that matter, it’s the connections, it’s the stories, it’s the opportunities created.

This event provided opportunities to connect. If you had more people present, connecting would have probably not been as good. You cannot find someone again in bigger crowds. Here you can. This event was perfect for networking. Crowds weren’t too big. They weren’t too small. Perfection.

The ability to connect with all kinds of people from all parts of the world, if you ask me, that’s worth way more than the price of this ticket. Connections change lives.

200+ speakers, only one body. Not to mention that there were also startups present.  Now startups, that’s a different post, but speakers, let’s go over my 4 favorite talks. I didn’t get to see them all, so this selection is out of about 15 talks.

Matthew Luhn



“The guy who makes people cry.”  Damn right, I don’t like Pixar. 10 years. Over 10 years of my life, wasted, waiting for that sign, waiting for The Incredibles 2. Years went past. I eventually became an adult. Pixar sure knows how to breaks someone cry.

This talk, brilliant. Matthew Luhn was talking about storytelling, and he sure did tell a story while talking about stories, otherwise, how would I remember that his grandfather hated children?

“10 minutes later people are only going to retain about 5% of that information.” That’s what Matthew says about pie charts and graphs. Compared to 65% of people remembering stories. And I thought about it, and it made sense.

It was the reason why I remembered the crazy story of my English teacher nearly getting killed in America. Or of him kissing his girlfriend’s twin. I remember because he was storytelling, and storytelling made him so much more effective than teachers that read content from books, that content was meaningless.

Matthew showed us why Pixar movies made us feel the way they did. How the combination of ups and downs contributed to it, and how storytelling plays a crucial role in business. As it’s not the data, it’s not the talking. It’s how someone makes us feel that we will remember in the future.

Main message? Storytelling is necessary. 

Gary Vaynerchuk



Without a doubt, the best talk. It contained storytelling, going back and forth, something that Matthew Luhn actually mentioned, it contained excitement, honesty, humor, it had it all.

The overall message? Just because something looks like it’s going to be dead, doesn’t make it dead. It’s not about thinking, it’s about reality. Gary talks about how in 1996 his email open rate was over 90%. Something that’s impossible today. Gary states how he was worried about Instagram 7 months ago, but they made a series of small changes, and now the game is completely changed.

“They’ll read something and say Snapchat is dead. You don’t know what the fuck you are talking about unless you are a practitioner.”

“We are living in the greatest era that any human has ever lived in, you need to get grateful.”

Gary uses this talk to show you that you have such a big opportunity, but you’re not doing. You rather calculate risks. Or worry. “Most of you are not doing what you want to do with your life.”

People Don’t Care About How Shit Your Life Is

“There are only two types of people that will listen to you complain, 2 to 3 loved ones that are the most closest to you, and your…friends.” 

Being underestimated is Gary’s greatest gift, vice versa people that actually listen to you complaining, they are fucking you up,

 “Somebody very close to you is fucking your shit up.” 

Gary backs himself up referring to people not believing in him. “No matter what I achieve, no matter where I go, being underestimated is the greatest gift.

Another message? “What is the odds that you are actually seating in this seat, it’s so intense, it’s hard, and I’m completely driven by gratitude.” You shouldn’t be here. You are. Do something about it.

And the ending?  “Stop FUCKING complaining. Thank you.” A line that gets you thinking. Most complain instead of doing. You are alive, right now. Do something.

gary vee

I got a selfie with Gary, made his vlog a few times, I did somehow forget how to speak, I guess I do write better than I talk. Luckily my new friend didn’t. And you know, hearing it on a video, that’s one thing, but when it’s said on 1 on 1 level, fuck.  “You are going to die, do something about it.”


Cindy GallopSnapdts

Block pornographic content. Fine. Your child will find worse content by accident. Trying to prevent often harms. Cindy in her talk talks about how “porn is not the issue.”

I did not expect much, I really did not, but after that talk, oh my. Cindy, Cindy makes sense. There’s a big issue in our society. People are afraid of talking about sex. She addressed this issue of people being afraid of talking. She showed that “blocking” content doesn’t work by giving an example of a child that found their way into pornography even with their parents having special parental control.

The issue is the lack of sexual self-expression. There’s no one teaching proper sex education on the internet. Breastfeeding pictures aren’t even allowed on Facebook.

Cindy has a solution. This solution, it’s simple. Instead of hiding this content, change it. Children are going to find it anyway. The message is simple, make art, not porn. THere’s a difference. Current social media networks don’t see it. Cindy does. And rightly so, it’s not okay for women feeding with their breasts to be banned for posting a picture, there’s a big difference between pornography and expressing yourself naked. You need to see it.

Cindy is creating a special platform to show art, not pornography, a platform that shows real, instead of fake super artificial content that creates unrealistic expectations. Her big problem, investors, nobody likes to invest in adult content.

Snapchat-533489968Her big problem, investors, nobody likes to invest in “adult content.” Once somebody does, this is a business that will dominate the market, people are already looking for such content anyway, make it real. Like Cindy said, it’s a sector that will survive through anything because it’s in constant demand.  She preaches teaching rather than Hiding. Hiding teaches, it teaches bad stuff.

“We all get vulnerable when we get naked.” This needs to change. Cindy is changing it.

“You will never own the future if you care what other people will think.”

Sometimes you have to redefine the market and make it your own.

Ben JonesSnapchat-1634319165.00_00_17_14.Still002

This talk, great flow.

Ben wanted to tell you “why it’s okay to be stupid.”  The world is constantly getting smarter, and artificial intelligence is getting smarter to such a point, that it’s going to get smarter than human beings.

Bigger species kill the smaller. It’s the truth. And that’s the worry of the artificial age. Maybe the algorithms we created, maybe they will crush us. “38% of the jobs we have today will not exist by 2030.” Artificial intelligence, computers, they will take these jobs.

People are afraid of that. But Ben explains how the people with these jobs, most of them will be retired by then, “those jobs will retire with them, just like we’ve done in every revolution.”

I really liked this talk, people think jobs will just disappear and people will be jobless. There will be new jobs, and we need to prepare, it has happened for thousands of years, and just because we are living in the greatest era to be alive, does not mean we should stick with the same jobs, as sticking with the same jobs means no actual progress.

“The new world is about augmented creativity.” “The problem is the education system kinda fucks us up as we go along.” “The Education system crushes us.” Do you want evidence? A test for creativity designed for NASA in 1968, 2% of adults pass it, 98% of children pass it.

“By the time we go through our educational system, we basically learned to be non-creative.” “We fear judgment, we fear of being stupid, we fear of our grade being less than someone else’s.”

“We stopped speaking, we stopped listening.”

If I was to bet on anyone to pass that test, that 2% of the people, most of them would have been at the Dublin Tech Summit. Ben shows us that AI isn’t the problem. It’s us, and our human systems, we are contributing to our downfall. We are killing our creativity, and in order to fill in the new jobs that are currently forming, we need that creativity.

The solution to our future is to change how we do things, the children of today.

“Most of the ideas that we have are quite often found by accident. They are quite often found by stupidity.”

“People that get ahead in the world of creativity are the people that break all the fucking rules.”


DTS 2017 was an event that provided many opportunities, whether friends or perhaps potentially more, whether potential projects or new ideas, Dublin Tech Summit brought them all. Frankly, it’s the different stories, ideas, connections, that all leads to a new way of thinking, in me, but also in many others.  Big shoutout to the Dublin Tech Summit team, and most importantly Niko and Emmylou! Great companions.

Favorite quote. “There’s a million ways to do it. Just not a million ways you can do it.” Who said it? I actually am not sure. Dublin Tech Summit 2018. I will see you next year.Snapchat-85893097

Lastly, this event, it showed the power of women, 49% of the attendees were women, most of the amazing Dublin Tech Summit team consisted of women, this event, it showed the progress of Dublin, and of gender equality. It showed innovation, and how a 30-minute talk can change a life. Noelle O’Reilly, thank you for this event!


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