Dublin Tech Summit Startups – Few Months Later

95% of businesses fail. I could have written about the startups at the Dublin Tech Summit a few months ago but I wanted to see if they can survive.

There was a lot of great ideas. Some of these ideas a few months later aren’t with as much potential. And not because the ideas suck or that they didn’t execute but because some big companies decided to develop similar ideas.

The Biggest Victim of the DTS

Medimee is one of the victims of this. Great idea. Great potential. Then Apple comes in…

On the 19th of June, 2017, CNBC reported that Apple is working with a startup called Health Gorilla to bring a feature that allows people to store their medical records. Sounds like Medimee.

Apple is going to win. Automatically. All they need to do is pre-install this feature in their health app and let people know. Medimee would need to spend millions to get that kind of marketing.

This was my favorite startup at the DTS, but it’s the one that is probably going to fail. I wish it the best, but it’s going to be hard.

Who doesn’t need a selfie?

I do see a market for this though. 3rd world countries in which people can’t afford iPhones. that’s what the founders told me when I was talking with them back in February.

I hope it succeeds, but it’s impossible to compete with Apple.


So what startups still have the potential?


It works. It’s not an idea. It’s not a concept. It works.

Travel is stressful, and exercise helps with stress. Sanctify brings you to gyms and pools while you wait for your next flight or after you landed.

We are lazy. We don’t want to have to search for gyms nearby. We don’t want to then separately get transport for these gyms. Sanctifly does this for us. It’s simple, and it’s something that we need.

You look through the app. You choose where you want to go. You confirm. You choose your transport. Done. It works at the biggest airports in the world.  It has big potential.

The one thing that I am not the biggest fan of when it comes to this platform is that it focuses on companies rather than individuals.


We hate links.  We hate long links. Rebrandly makes terrible links better and nicer. Weird looking links aren’t trusted.

Weird looking links aren’t trusted. They also aren’t clear.

People like simple and Rebrandly makes links simple.

Big companies such as Microsoft already use this service. If you own a company, you need to check this out.

If you own a company, you need to check this out.

This list covers startups that did something different. There was a lot of great startups that were already big. The goal was to cover some less known ones.

The DTS is Europe’s fastest growing tech conference. 2017 was its first year and Gary Vaynerchuk himself expressed that it was incredibly executed. Get your tickets for the 2018 summit now.


If you think that we missed a startup, let us know.

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