FIFA 08 – a Little Reflection 10 Years Later

Of course, I played Fifa. I don’t play it as much as back then, but I sure did play it. And play it. When a friend comes, and I need to show him or her who is the boss. I play.

FIFA for me, it’s memories. I got my first game FIFA game from my grandad. It was called FIFA 08. I had it on a computer. This fat monitor.

I loved it. You could make money from tickets as a team. It had some amazing features that are in some aspects missing now. One of the highlight features was that you could save the replays of your goals.

My first goal. Oh, it took some time… I scored a free kick from the halfway line. What a start. It was one of the only goals that I scored on FIFA 08.

But FIFA 18, it wasn’t just a game. It was memories. When you are that age, you don’t worry about getting work done, or whether you exercised, oh no. You have unlimited time, until your mammy texts you to come home because it’s getting dark.

Just kidding. I Didn’t even have a phone back then. I had a set time. I, of course, changed the time on my watch to come home later.

But the best memory? My great grandfather watching me play on my fat monitor and with my “jet controller.”

See that jet controller?

It was one of the two times he visited me where I lived. We lived several thousand miles away. He still flew in.  This guy survied the Nazis. He survived the labor camps. He survived communism. And now, he was there, watching me play FIFA 08 on a computer. That’s called living a life full of everything. “Back when I was older” was his joke. He always said it.

Great Grandfather on the left along with my grandfather on the right.

This game had requirements that my phone can fulfill today. 256 ram… I have 6GB on my OnePlus 3.

And I actually this game from my grandfather. He is very sick now. The difference in that picture compared to today would be incredible. It’s amazing how much life can change in 10 years. And it flew. So fast. 

There are no pictures of this. I don’t have a CD player in my computer to install this game again. I do however have the same Barcelona shirt that Ronaldhino was wearing on the cover. And I do have memories. Memories that I still remember 10 years later. The game changed. My life changed. But these memories, they live on. Fifa 18. It’s back. 10 years later. I can’t wait to get it.

Me in 2016 wearing that Barcelona shirt.

I will buy a CD player. And I will compare the both of these.

I’m not a gamer. But FIFA was part of my life, and it will be part of my life. Football is part of my life.

So when people ask why people take so many pictures, it’s for this exact moment right now. For that reflection that might have otherwise not happened. We can be great at remembering but sometimes we need something to trigger that memory. And finding that one picture did.

moments so that you can reflect on these moments. There could have been only 10 pictures of me 10 years ago, but instead, there are pictures of me playing FIFA 08, and seeing that one picture while scrolling through all of my pictures in hopes of finding something like this brought so many memories back.







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