How to Save While Flying Through Europe. 2017.

Wake up. Decide you want to go somewhere. Somewhere warmer. Perhaps somewhere colder.  Make some coffee. Get excited. Check hotels. Find some good deals. Great. Check flights. Go back. Decide not to go. Decide not to go once again.

Decide not to go again because the last time you checked the prices of flights, they were only €20. Now they are €300.

But that’s how the market works. Cheap flights are only cheap because some other flights make up for it.

But that’s the market. And you gotta be smarter than the market. You can avoid it. You can fight it. Let’s go through how to do both. You want to travel. Stop holding yourself back. The world has so much to offer. 

Airlines Are Smart. Be Smarter.

The best trick? Don’t fly during Summer. If you don’t want your wallet to get slimmer, skip flights during Summer.

In Winter hotels are cheap. Flights are cheap. Fewer tourists. You can even go skiing depending on where you are heading.

But it’s nearly Summer. You don’t want to wait until Winter. I’m sure you don’t. And high prices shouldn’t be an excuse not to travel.

High prices only apply if you are not being smarter than the airlines. If you want blue skies. If you want to tan. If you want to drink iced coffee. If you want all of that, you can have it. No problem. Sure, it still won’t be as affordable as if you traveled through summer. Nevertheless, it is doable.

What Not to Do


There’s this hype that flight search engines are great. And yes, they make your life easier… if you want to book the cheapest of the most expensive flights.

They fail to include cheaper airlines because that’s not profitable. And even if they do, they tend to fail to mention the cheap flights. If you have an unlimited budget, great. But if you are truly looking to save while flying, do not look for flights only through search engines. Not in Europe.

Search for tickets through Google. “Cheap airlines in x.” It’s not that hard. People post their opinions. Perhaps there’s a smaller airline that can help you. Perhaps there’s a big airline that you simply never heard of.

The one you should always look for? Ryanair. Without a doubt. The best in Europe when it comes to cheap flights.

Think like an Airline

“Where would we lower our prices?” Oh, where people don’t fly as much. But….why would you want to go to a non-popular destination?

It is cheaper. Is it worse? Not necessarily. A lot of beautiful places are not discovered. Croatia for instance. I was there in 2015. The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited.

This was taken on a half working Sony Z3 which went through water damage.


But What If You Want to Go to a Popular Place? What If You Want to Visit Your Family?

Taken by Maja Filipic. With Kat drinking in the picture.

Let’s say you are based in Ireland. There’s a lot of Polish nationals living here. That means that a lot of people will be flying to Poland this summer to eat some Pierogi.

Traffic means opportunity. If somebody is going to be flying there, why not charge more for it? We both know that if you want to see your family, you will, regardless of the costs.


So people are returning to Poland. There’s also a lot more tourists flying to Poland. Great food. Rich history. A lot to show. Oh, and it’s cheap. Krakow is one of those locations. It was chosen as the best European destination for 4 years in a row by Zoover. 

The Solution?

Fly indirectly. Fly via destinations that are not popular.

This will vary based on your location. But there’s always a place that isn’t popular.

And you can save a lot of money if you use that as an opportunity. You can save €50. You can save €100. You can even save €200.

It will cost time. No doubt about that. But unless you have your own business, if you are working a normal job and have a few days off, then it’s a solution that you would like more.

If you own an internet business? Then it doesn’t even matter where you are.

Or even better. You can book an early flight to a cheaper location. Explore all day and get a late flight to your final destination. 2 in 1. Sometimes, getting a hotel might turn out to be cheaper. Or do some couch surfing.

A flight to Warsaw from Dublin costs €136.99. If you go to Cologne, you pay €71.99.  Normally, a flight to Cologne is even cheaper. May 17th has flights to Cologne for just €19.99.

From Cologne to Warsaw? You pay €16.99. €71.99 + €16.99 = €88.98. You save €48.01.

Something to Remember

Check flight times to make sure you won’t miss your second flight.

Also, consider luggage costs, if you are carrying a lot of luggage, it might not be worth it.

And lastly, if you can, buy in advance. That’s how you can get direct flights at an affordable price.


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