How To Reach Your Goals In 2017.

You are here again. Writing that book you were meant to write three years ago. Writing that app that by now was already invented because someone came up with that exact same idea and executed. It’s November. 2016. You are probably planning your goals for next year. 2017 will be my year, This year was just a warm up. Experiments. It just wasn’t my year. You know what, cut out the crap.girl-1333600

If you wait around until the new year so you can plan out that you will kiss that girl, not going to happen. If you wait around stating that you will start doing something tomorrow, or even the next hour, it’s not going to happen. Waiting doesn’t work. You might think you are different, unique. Reality is you aren’t. Most people believe they are in control of their actions. Not the case. Nope.  The further you postpone the less likely hood of accomplishing. You have been postponing the same goals for years now.   Gretchen Rubin talks a lot about breaking habits, read “Better Than Before,” great book.   “If we change our habits, we change our lives.”  You need to change your habits, that book will help with that a lot. Here’s the thing. Habits are the architecture of our lives. It takes no decision to give up. We just do it. We frankly don’t really care and say “ah sure, next year.”

  • You need to work on the habit to do. And in order to do so you cannot wait till the first of January. No. You need to start now. NOW! SIT UP! NOW! The only way. Now, no next year.


Ideas are utterly shit until you execute.  You don’t fail because you suck. You fail because you really don’t do.  I mean okay.  Everyone is working.  That’s the strange sensation you get when you go into someone’s social feed.  But that’s the thing.  Most people talk more about doing than actually doing.

  • So your problem really is that you actually never really do, I mean truly do. If you are not able to start at any given time then you aren’t doing. You are simply following the trend. And trends are easy to follow. That trend then dies. Pokemon Go. Who still plays? Oh yeah, no one. New Year Resolutions is a yearly trend that goes away withing the first month of each year.
  • Okay, but how do I go about goals? You see most people fail at new year resolutions because they are not prepared to make changes, they are following that popular trend.  Anyone serious about their goals does not need a date to start, If you are really serious about something then you will not wait around. So perhaps firstly actually choose your goal. What is it that you actually want? You need to have a “why.” and only then you can have a “how”.

guy-925153On average it actually takes sixty six days to build a habit, so you really need to know what you are signing up for.

  • This whole ritual part of putting yourself into the right mindset is really essential. You need to research what you are signing up for.
  • If you are not prepared it’s going to be a lot harder. That sixty six days will be long. You need to be prepared mentally.
  • Few ways of doing this. Actually planning out everything. But plans are only good until they backfire on you so you also need backups. This is a backup plan to make sure you don’t quit. For example if you injure your hand in the gym, instead of stopping you might go to the gym to go on the treadmill. Sometimes the habit is more important than actually doing it because a habit will keep you going in a long term.


So once you know what you want, and prepare backups and actually make plans, then you can start executing. You don’t want to over do it. But it’s important.  And that research phase is really important. Most people plan on going to the gym without any routine, it’s all random, and random things bring random results. Random results lead to quitting. If you don’t research the chances are you won’t succeed either.


If you want to succeed in 2017 you will start now. As if you don’t then it’s simply you following a trend.


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