Better Than Before. Book Review. One Year Later.

forinstamat_1We live in a world where everyone is trying to tell us what is right. Sometimes they are, but sometimes 2+2 isn’t just 5. It’s also 3+1 and 4+1. This book isn’t here to tell you to stop smoking. Smoke if you want. It’s here to help you understand yourself so that you can break some of you nasty habits, and implement some great new ones. This “may also mean ignoring the advice of people who insist that their way is the right way.”

I’m reviewing this book again, why? “Better Than Before” helped me develop habits that allowed me to be on the level I am on today. Most important habit? The habit of writing daily. While I wasn’t a bad writer. Writing every day changed my writing completely. It’s simply different.


See, many books will show you bizarre studies. But you know, science is underdeveloped. What was right in studies 20 years ago is often not right today. If you were to combine studies on similar topics, you would come to a conclusion that most things are equally good and bad. Gretchen calls herself a “street scientist.” And that was something that really struck me. Science doesn’t show facts that relate to your environment, to your habits, to your friends. It isn’t as simple as facts. It’s about understanding yourself.


What Gretchen Doesn’t Do

  • She doesn’t force ideas upon you. You will find out about different methods of doing things, and how certain people work, then it’s up to you to experiment, and decide what works for you.

Many entrepreneurs will tell you to wake up early. “YOU NEED TO WAKE UP EARLY IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL.” It has perks, a lot of perks. But it simply doesn’t work for everyone. It doesn’t. My Mother has glaucoma. She doesn’t  see that great in the morning. Are you telling me that she cannot be successful because she doesn’t work in the morning?

What Gretchen Does Do

  • She helps you understand your habits and yourself. That way you can develop any habits that you feel are right for you.

The reality? We all want to exercise more, play instruments more, read more, we all want to do these things, but we never do. Why? If you want to do something, it should be easy right? Often not the case. “Habits are the invisible architecture of our life.” Whether you like it or not. Stopping some habits and building new habits is one of the keys to a great life. You check your phone in the morning? Habit. Do you drink coffee before water in the morning? Habit.


If you want to learn more about yourself and change your life for the better, better than before, then, this book is a right choice. The bible of mastering your habits. Gretchen makes you better. She doesn’t tell you what to do. That’s what makes her effective.

It’s hard to build a habit the first time, the second time?  Even harder. “Sadly, starting again is often far harder than starting the first time.” 


The habit to write, the habit to work. It’s all habits. Your success depends on it. Read this book. “Better Than Before.” It’s incredible.



Quote of the Book: “The most important thing is to know ourselves, and to choose the habit strategies that work for us.”

Rating: 10/10

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