Martin Luther King Jr. Killed. Abraham Lincoln. Killed. John F Kennedy. Killed. Robert Kennedy. Killed.  Jesus. Killed. Mahatma Gandhi. Killed.  Malcolm X killed. Michael Collins killed.  What’s your conclusion? All of these individuals possessed an asset of some sort.


If you have haters spreading things about you, then that itself says it all. They are the ones that think you are better than them. As how could a mentally stable happy individual hate on someone?  Haters are simply debaters, debating over why someone is better than them, and then taking action to try to make themselves feel better about it.
Haters are hurt people and the thing about hurt people is that the love hurting people, you can either accept them and be happy, or you can reject them and suffer.  You can’t control hatred towards you. You can control how you react to it.

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