Best Looking Budget School/ Adventure backpack? Haul Backpack Review


Best looking school/adventure bag? No doubt about it. And not just that. It’s very and I mean very budget friendly, and that’s the thing many companies and review sites miss out, “We are going to do this and this and this and will put the price like this..” I mean it’s cool, but most students can’t afford a bag that costs over a hundred, nor most parents matter of fact. It’s not even a quarter of that, under twenty dollars, That’s $20 dollars.


So what’s great about this bag? You know that whole “Don’t judge a book by its cover” thing? I don’t agree, why should I use a product that a company did not put full detail into? This bag looks outstanding, find me a better looking bag! Seriously! Good luck!IMG_20160904_100148

Now this isn’t a bag at school “newbie” would bring on a first day of school without having a locker with all of the unnecessary books that weigh the weight of the individual itself, as this bag isn’t designed to hold every single book you have, but if you ever have a need to carry that much, then know that there is something wrong there as one should never carry that much. The bag does fit all of my needs, I mean it will have me covered perfectly with all my needs, I mean books, copies, technology, whatever I need. It doesn’t have as much pockets as some more premium bags, but I found that too much pockets can be a real hassle. It can be too complicated.

And it’s super light which is a plus for adventures, and I mean this bag is great for adventures as what other bag would you bring other than a bag that represents adventures, I mean this color, the postcards are just simply insane.  It’s not for climbing the highest peaks in the world by any chance, but light adventures with friends, parties, festivals, perfect for that.

Pockets? We got a bottle mesh pocket on the side, a zipped pocket on the other side which is useful for storage of documents, a little pocket in the center of the back, but at the bottom which is ideal for holding books for reading as well as some basic essentials. And we obviously got the big pocket, which is used for putting all the books in with a separate pocket inside to separate that super important stuff from folding.


I’m not going to say this bag has super extra advanced technologies, but it doesn’t need to. It’s effective. Simplicity is often effective. And this product brings that simplicity at an extreme price. I mean what is twenty Dollars for a package like this, you won’t find a better looking bag even at a higher price point and this one simple delivers with the simple but yet super practical uses it has.


Buy it here: Haul Backpack

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