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Hesvit is a company launched in 2015, new company means new ideas brought into the market, and Hesvit don’t fail to deliver on that.  A few unseen things in terms of fitness trackers, wrist humidity, wrist temp, wrist skin temp, barometric pressure… The tracker also tracks your steps & distance, calories burned, your sleep time, heart rate, can be used as date reminder, and obviously also tells you your time and battery level, and  surprisingly enough some trackers out there do not deliver on the last one until your battery is gone.


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But is it any good?

Starting of with the design, I’d call it mid-range. Not the most premium, not far off either. Dimension wise it’s pretty similar to the Fitbit Charge. The band is made of rubbery plastic. It’s a simple design in terms of that. Pretty smooth to be honest. Some may like that, some may not. It’s a pretty good fit, but the reality is I never met a fitness tracker that delivered on actual functions and at same time looked like something I would wear out on a night out. It’s not bad by any means, specially compared to some of the competition. Just that I would probably never wear it out to a wedding or such. But then again it is a fitness tracker so that is just a selfish thought.hesvit successisforall blog 2

Function wise however, I can’t really complain at all.  It offers a lot. I don’t think I ever seen any trackers that offer wrist temp, humidity and barometric pressure. (If you did let me know). Some may find it not useful, but personally I think it’s a pretty cool thing to have. It does take a little bit longer to track your heart rate than most other trackers, but hey, as long as it’s pretty accurate, (which it tends to be) then I cannot complain. Steps are pretty accurate, which is important but not that important, as good enough is often good enough for an average consumer. Hesvit does better than good enough.

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It also has a button to either measure your heartbeat or turn on the light on the display. Honestly I like the way this fitness tracker can work without connecting to a smartphone, it’s very useful.  


However new companies are new companies, and I rarely ever see a new company starting out in the tech sector without any problems, And that’s the case here. It did took a while to get the app working, It didn’t work on my tablet which is acceptable, didn’t work on my old iPhone 4, but it did work on a new phone I got. But then again that is acceptable as neither of these devices were new, but the great thing about this band is that you do not need the smartphone or such to use it. 

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I also wish the battery did hold a little bit better. It states 5-7 days, I get around 3. But to be fair I never seen a company that fully delivered on the battery. The protection for the USB could also be a bit better in terms of opening but otherwise I really cannot complain.


Considering this is Hesvit’s first product and it is offered at a pretty low price point, I would gladly give this product a B grade. It offers a decent quality in terms of design, works pretty well, there is a few slight problems with setting up and battery isn’t as good I expected, nevertheless it is a solid product, and the reality is no fitness tracker is perfect. But as a first band, Hesvit got it quite good! To simply put it, this tracker is the least complicated one out there that at the same time offers the most insights.


You can get this tracker at www.hesvit.com

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