How LIFX Changed My Life

LIFXLight has been here forever. Cars changed, houses changed, government systems changed. We’ve been through wars, destroyed and battle diseases, we still didn’t change the school system, but the light has evolved. It’s been evolving for the last few years. Into something greater.


LIFX changed my life.. It represents how I evolved. It represents how technology evolved.

LIFX showed me how anyone could make an idea a reality. It showed me that when a community comes together, anything is possible.

LIFX made me realize the power of people, how we can connect to create a product.

The power of this century.

I was following LIFX with their story from the beginning. It was one of the first projects I ever saw when finding Kickstarter. Back then being fairly young it made me realize how much is possible.


Last week I was stating how Fitbit changed my life, it developed a healthier version of me. This week I’m writing about LIFX because the reality is this company probably made the biggest change in my life.

LIFX at the time of writing had produced a numerous amount of light bulbs, including the first generation bulb, the second generation called “LIFX COLOR 1000” and now is coming out with the third edition LIFX+ as well as a LED strip (LIFX Z.)


But what is it actually? LIFX light bulbs are… light bulbs, Wi-Fi light bulbs. They save energy. The original has the power of 1000 lumens with COLOR 1000 hitting 1055 lumens. The original also has an “A” energy rating, “COLOR 1000” has an “A+” rating. Based on three hours of use they should work for around 22 years, which I cannot confirm as I didn’t have this bulb for that long obviously.


You would think that this technology would require something special, some cable re-arrangement or something. Nope. It works like a light bulb, you plug it into the socket. Easy. Switches still work.

The original was big, that’s one thing I didn’t really like, but I understood that that technology had to fit somewhere, COLOR 1000 changed that, it made it compact. Perhaps still slightly bigger than an average light bulb, but small enough. –

inssta_5LIFX creates an opportunity for you to shine. Having a great house is cool, but the lighting makes it complete, it makes it shine.

And LIFX takes lighting to a new degree, or rather to 360 degrees. As there’s that much variety of colors. I know products that are used in nightclubs that cost thousands that aren’t as effective as LIFX.

These bulbs will provide an amazing atmosphere at a party, in the club, anywhere. I mean when having friends over, playing that music makes a difference. Playing that music with good lighting makes even more of a difference. Playing that music with good lighting that goes along with the musicAbsolutely ridiculous.


wp-1477086986270.pngThe app is great, that’s the control room of this whole system, that’s where I can select the lighting based on my mood, that’s where I can select a theme. You can connect it with the most popular apps that make your home smarter. There’s Next, IFTTT, Smart Things, and more supported.. Not to mention that you can talk to the bulb by using Google.

The app gives you an ultimate choice of colors, intensities, and temperatures but one of my favorite features is the way you can set it to light up in the morning to naturally wake you up, that’s really great for circadian rhythms. Most of us get bad quality sleep because their sleep is disturbed. One way you can prevent that distribution is LIFX as alarms disturb us. They do. I’m going to be writing an article on sleeping soon so make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for that.

wp-1477087183138.pngBut most importantly the most important feature in my opinion. The ability to change colors.. Colors aren’t created equally, of course. All colors look different, but what I mean is that some colors are actually harmful at certain times. While technology was getting better and better at the same time many products became harmful with the emission of blue light which if used at a certain time can effect and worsen your sleep. There are glasses to help with that, but are you actually going to shower with glasses not to mention that it isn’t always convenient. A light bulb like LIFX has helped me a lot with reducing that blue l Light going into my eyes prior to my sleep, therefore, allowing me to get a better quality of sleep. Better sleep equals better performance. A life changer.

Fitbit helped me track my sleep, LIFX makes my sleep better. And ultimately it isn’t even the big things that make me love this product so much. It’s the little things. Forgetting to turn off your light downstairs and being able to turn it off with a click of a button on your phone, those little things that save time and potentially keep us away from distractions that would be caused by going back downstairs.

Or even being in bed and having that light on, getting out of bed to turn off the light, no thank you. Walking in the dark can sometimes cause injuries, as you never know what is on the floor, and getting out of a great sleeping position can sometimes ruin someone’s sleep. The way you can dim your light so it’s not to bright for certain tasks, or the way you can brighten it up to get a great lighting effect when shooting videos or stuff of that sort. I mean LIFX produces the brightest light bulbs for the consumer market. For many people that would be enough to buy it.

Without a doubt LIFX is a leader in the consumer lighting industry, for me, it’s one of the essentials to have in my own house, it is an item that creates a great atmosphere in my house, whether it’s a party atmosphere, movie atmosphere or perhaps simply relaxing atmosphere. LIFX has it all. I can without question say that LIFX changed my life and it’s defiantly worth buying it.

Check  LIFX.COM out right now. They COLOR 1000 light bulbs are currently on sale for just $39.99. A great deal. Success is for all. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for some helpful articles in the future. Adios.





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