How Fitbit Changed My Life.

3422_17-blogWhat did you do yesterday? What did you eat? Did you exercise, did you even move? I mean there are so many people asking me why does this and this diet not work but then I ask them to show me what they are doing, and they come up with “oh you know yourself, I did a bit of that and that, and then I ate a bit of that…” But that means nothing. Just because you think you did something doesn’t mean you did it. Most people create false memories of what they do because it just feels right… I mean did you ever go to a museum and see art, but how much of it do you actually recall?

If it’s not on paper or simply somewhere other than your brain, then it’s impossible to track yourself. One may wonder what’s the point of tracking, though? The world has been feeding us so much nonsense for years about how to eat, what to eat, how to do something… I’m here to tell you that the most important thing is to know yourself and to choose strategies that work for us.

The reality is if you want to achieve success in life then you need health. There are billionaires out in the world that literally spend all their day in bed because their health is appalling. Whatever success means to you, you need health. But the optimum way of getting into your best shape whether it is on the inside or also outside, the optimum way is to track, to track yourself and to see what is working for you as there is no wrong or right, it’s just whatever works for you. 1-9-16-a

I tried many trackers, Polar, Withings, Jawbone… Fitbit is the only one I still use.

It isn’t the most expensive one I ever owned nor the best looking in that matter, but it works. It’s simple but yet provides more features than any of the others, and I mean its simplicity is what I love. It’s not complicated, you press a button and move on to the next thing, simple but so effective. But it’s also the most accurate.

I don’t go to sleep at six P.M. which many of the trackers believe simply because I’m standing still.  It doesn’t end there, some actually request you turn on a special function to show that you are going to sleep, that’s great if you have a set time to go sleep, but we all know we don’t fall asleep equally and sometimes we might forget to do so. Other trackers require additional additions to armbands to make them more accurate… Fitbit just does the job and that’s why it works.3422_8-blog

The main reason many people give up is that tracking requires too much effort, Fitbit does it all for you. Data simply works. I mean if you don’t know what you are doing, how are you supposed to improve? Fitbit makes this possible.

  • Heart Rate – Thanks to Fitbit I now know when I need to “be in the bathroom” during an exercise, so I don’t end up dead the next day, joking, but… Heart rate can help me track my progress, as looking good is good, but it’s better to know what’s going inside your body.


  • Sleep tracking –  We often overestimate the things we don’t really like to do, I mean we all love to sleep, we love to sleep in the morning. Not exactly at night, it’s like sleep is that good friend that we choose when there’s nothing around us, but once there’s other friends, the bad friends like TV’s, phones, then we automatically choose them before sleep. Fitbit made me realize how much I underestimated my sleep. I believed I was getting a lot of sleep even though I was still tired but yet it turns out that I got twice under what was an average optimum, that’s half potential regeneration wasted.  A feature in the app also lets you set when you want Fitbit to tell you to sleep, and you can set a goal to get optimum sleep.

And looking at your sleep statistics is really fascinating as you can see what contributes to your being tired, did you not get enough sleep or perhaps had a bad quality sleep, or perhaps you slept longer as you trained or did plenty of kilometers throughout the day which you normally wouldn’t notice if you did. May was my most active month, it was also the month in which I slept the most, is there a link?

The Fitbit app is the most simple out of them all. Yet at the same time the most complex app in terms of stats. I know how deep my sleep is when I was awake, and most importantly it’s accurate. And the overall step tracking, brilliant, no GPS, but to be honest, I did not notice a difference between normal phone tracking and the Fitbit. Long steps, small steps, it catches them all, and it wasn’t until I was tracking my steps that I started to reach daily recommended minimums, I walked (and walk) triple the amount of recommended 10K, 30K on an average weekday, and actually whenever I didn’t wear the tracker I didn’t feel that urge to walk, to get those steps in, and they make such a difference as calories don’t get burned just by cardio, walking ensures I maintain my body fat or lose some without too much effort.


I for example, with Fitbit, walked over 2 million steps. But remember that in mind I didn’t always get to wear it as I had time to try out other trackers as well, so I couldn’t take it everywhere like for example to Soccer matches. That amount of steps accounted to 1,969.73 KM.This is in less than nine months, accounting for probably about seven months of use. With my most productive week accounting for 114, 765 steps.

The app is made to have everything, it has all essentials for a healthy lifestyle, food logging is there, and I love calorie tracking. Generally speaking, in order to burn fat you need to burn more than you consume, you can log all you eat to know an average amount which I wouldn’t necessarily do as I don’t count calories. I just do what feels right, but regardless “The Charge” doesn’t just count the calories from exercise it also calculates calories you have already burned throughout the day, and that’s pretty essential as many people think we only burn calories when exercising and in return spend all day exercising and eat nothing and then end up feeling terrible. Fitbit tells you about all calories, perhaps it isn’t fully accurate as it’s only an estimate, but that estimate is good enough, and it will stop those unhealthy starving habits and such. People fail to realize we are engines, we burn calories to run this operating system called the body. If the current isn’t stable then we won’t efficiently.3422_3-blog-size

Things like “hourly tracking” optimize fitness. Doing 10K steps in an hour and then doing nothing for the rest of the day isn’t actually much that healthy, long periods of sitting have been shown to have a lot of side effects and unfortunately we seem to sit a lot, I mean school, I mean office. Being aware of that can help, whether it’s a walk to a bathroom that is extended by taking the further route, it doesn’t really matter, it can really help.3422_6-blog

Fitbit… Everything about Fitbit is simple but yet complex, and that’s why people love this company. It does all the complex stuff inside and converts it into stuff that we can actually read without thinking too much.

So Fitbit improves my activity.  It makes sure I sleep enough too. But what about waking up… it has you covered too, and in the most effective way, firstly I’d like to say if you do everything right then you should not need to wake up by using an alarm, (I’m preparing a post on that) it has to do with the natural body clock, but Fitbit will make sure you wake up, its vibration is brilliant. Alarm create too much noise pollution which could wake up children or anyone in the house which isn’t great if you start your day at four or five in the morning.

This alarm is just for you, it wakes you up and lets other sleep. And I find it to be far more effective than an alarm which rings, as depending on my position I might never even hear it, the vibration will always wake me up, the only thing that will keep me in bed would be me choosing to stay in it, one of my friends was trying out the band, what I didn’t tell him was that there was an alarm set at four, he didn’t even have it on his hand, it was left on his clothes and the vibration was strong enough to make enough noise hitting of the clothes to wake him up.


But that’s not all, introduce Aria and you have a complete body analysis, I mean you already know your heart rate, you know your steps, calories burned or eaten, but you can also know how much you weigh, and you don’t even need to take it down, it’s already done for you. Weight tracking isn’t my priority as I believe in feeling better than having the right number on a scale, but it is a great way of telling if you are improving.

Obviously, muscle can also build which would increase weight which is why many people don’t use scales but this one also sends electric impulses to calculate your BMI as well as body fat percentage, it might not be fully accurate, but you don’t fully accurate to have a basic idea of where you are going, whether the amount calculated is correct or not, measuring it every few days will tell you if you are improving or not. And that’s essential for keeping going if you don’t see results.


Fitbit changed my life without doubt, it made me realize the importance of tracking and most importantly how to manage my life better due to the fact I had all that information with me in just one app. It made me realize that simple works and that simply isn’t often as simple as it seems. Health is the most important aspect of life, without health, there would be no positive memories, no experiences, you would not be able to experience the world as you can right now, so take of your health as what you take for granted may become something you will cry for in the future. Fitbit can help step up your game to a new level. Of course, it’s ultimately up to you to take action, but taking action can become easier with Fitbit.




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