iKettle Review – do we need smart kettles?

You don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. You wake up without having a cup of tea done? What if you could change that? What if you could wake up and have your water for your tea already boiled? That’s what the iKettle does. And no, it’s not made by Apple, but it is smart. Smart enough to use it though? Well, that’s what this iKettle review is for.

A Common Scenario

You. Upstairs. Watching a match. A football match. You want tea. What do you do? You run downstairs and press whatever button you press to boil your water. You run back up. You hear that the water stopped boiling. BOOM. There’s not enough water in the kettle. So you put enough water in. You boil your water again. You run up. Of course, you run down. At last, you make your tea.

See, that’s the kind of stuff the iKettle eliminates.


Forget About Going Near Your Kettle

This is the most important feature that you are probably already aware of.

See, the whole reason this kettle is so smart is that it comes with an app. And that app lets you boil your water from wherever you are.

But that’s not it.

You want your water to boil when you get home? Done. You want your water to boil at a certain time? Done. You want it to stay warm? Done. This is how many devices will look like in the future. You will be able to control them from your phone or even with simply your voice.

You can select the temperature too which is vital as most tea should not be boiled at the top temperature. And you can actually see the current temperature which is an awesome feature as sometimes our water might still be warm enough to use even if we forgot about it.


Oh, and you can even see how many cups of tea you will be able to make which is great, but also kind of stupid as no cup is made the same.

That’s pretty much it. There’s nothing more to it. But there’s nothing more you need. This kettle contains all the features that you need to make your perfect tea or hot chocolate or whatever it is that you drink.

It’s Missing One Thing Though

Smart is great. But true smart features smart and traditional. And this kettle is missing some traditional features, and that’s why I have a love/hate relationship with it.

If I’m already downstairs because I need to put water into the kettle, it’s actually a lot quicker for me to adjust the heat on the kettle itself, something my older “normal” kettle allowed me to do. THis doesn’t have that. You can turn it on without a phone, but you can’t control the heat then. And heat control is important if you want to make your tea right. This is especially irritating if your friend comes over. They have to download an app just to use my kettle. Eh.

The Looks

I don’t care how great a kettle is if it looks ugly. My friend has a different smart kettle. It looks disgusting. It’s my kitchen regardless of how little time I spend in it, and therefore I’d like it to look nice, that’s why I get the best appliances and utensils as the best knives from all knives and this kettle. And the iKettle provides that. Modern but with a touch of typical kettles. I would have much rathered the white and gold version which I was disappointed about the lack of as it matched my kitchen better but so that you know, that’s there.

Sadly, it’s not plastic but metal or such, so it does hurt if you touch it. I was told that it keeps hot water hot longer. I personally would rather not burn myself instead of having my water warmer because I tend to make tea as soon as my kettle is boiled.

A Lid That Burns

One problem I have with it is that if you open the lid to put more water in, it often brings particles of boiling water flying and hitting you. Not nice.

Conclusion of This iKettle Review

It took me some time to make this review. It’s hard to bring kettles with you when traveling. And I do a lot of that. Writing is easy to do while traveling. Getting pictures of products I can’t bring, isn’t.

To sum up this iKettle review, this is everything you could want from a kettle. It really makes your life easier in terms of boiling water. It’s the future we are heading into. Smart products will dominate our kitchens very soon. It’s not a product that will change your life, and it does have flaws like the ones already mentioned along with no responsiveness at times. But to sum this iKettle review up if you love making tea and don’t have time to go into your kitchen to turn your kettle on, this is a product for you.

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