The Most Important Piece of Tech for Work When Traveling

Do you want to travel without tech? Good luck. We need it. We are dependant on it. 20 years ago it was perfectly okay to run a business without tech, but we live in a different world now. You need some tech for work when traveling. Here’s the best one.

Okay, some of these things aren’t needed everywhere as some buses and airlines might provide these, for instance.

A Laptop


Well actually not so duh because people are promoting phones as work devices more and more. And yes, they are powerful. I mean, my current phone is more powerful than my last computer. But it’s not about that. It’s about workflow. It’s about comfort. Something phones don’t provide. Sure, phones are getting bigger. But a 6-inch screen isn’t really 6-inch. It is when you use Instagram, but once you start typing, it’s that divided by 2. And that makes work a lot harder.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes on a train or on a bus, it’s kind of cool to be able to write something, a draft. That’s as far as it gets. I stop at drafts.

But laptops can take up space when traveling. You want to save as much space as possible.

So what’s my recommendation? The Dell XPS 13. They actually announced a new version a couple of days ago. And it finally will have a white color.

The XPS 13 is amazing for travel because it’s the smallest 13-inch laptop created. But it’s also a beast. Now, I think that the biggest factor that made laptops pretty weak in the past was the fact they have a CD-slot which just took up so much space. That space is empty now. It allows for better space, better cooling, and a better battery.

The 2018 version is the smaller and thinner than ever. It’s not cheap, well, the base price is the price of an iPhone X, so if you consider that, it is kind of cheap.

It’s stylish, but style doesn’t matter when it comes to speed. You need performance to work. And this brings it. The 2018 model comes with 8th gen processor that will allow you to work for longer. If you need photo editing with full-color accuracy, you can get the 4K screen for extra $350.  You can go i5. You can go i7. You can customize it in so many ways, to make sure that you get something that you want.

And that’s what makes it great for travel. You get whatever you need in a small package.

A Portable Hard Drive

Record videos. Run out of space. Have videos to edit. Don’t have them with you. Have pictures to post on your blog. Have too many to store them on your phone. This is where portable hard drives make so much difference. In today’s world, they are a must. Things are starting to take up more and more space. The world isn’t going to minimize files. It’s only getting bigger. Phones still don’t have enough space to hold everything for you.WD My Passport

This is one of the most important pieces of tech for work when traveling.

If you are in the creative industry, you need one.

In today’s world, it’s relatively cheap to get one. My Passport Ultra by WD which I own is currently on sale for $109.99 on the American Amazon. And that’s a 4TB drive. That should fulfill your need for a long while. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty, with great software for recovery, backup, and protection, and while I said about laptops that style doesn’t actually matter, we do want to look good. And this drive is the sexiest looking hard drive ever made.

It will go perfectly with the white XPS 13. Oh, and it’s also tiny.

You could get a hard drive even cheaper from a different company, but this is data that’s in play, do you want to know somebody that isn’t well known on the market when it comes to your data?

Google Drive

Google DriveWhile hard drives are great, you can’t just give your hard to your friend with ease. You can share anything on Google Drive. And you can use pretty anything Microsoft Office offers with it. I’ve been using it as my tool for work for several years now.

It costs $1.99 for 100GB per month or $9.99 for 1TB. It’s an incredible way to get storage easily.  And if you are really power hungry, for $299.99 you can get 30TB.

The tools are free. The first 15GB also, but if you need more, you can get more. I did.

What’s better? Portable hard drives or cloud storage? My answer? You need both for work. Both have their advantages. Portable is quicker to access. Cloud is more accessible. Well, if you have internet. So have both.


I’m not sure how much you value your work, but the government can spy on you, the internet provider might can on you, and the people that own the house, apartment, or hotel might can on you. Unless you make yourself invisible. That’s what a VPN does. I actually write blog posts for PrivateVPN which provide one of these services.

And quite frankly, security is nice, but I love to watch my fav TV shows by changing my location. Not every TV show is available everywhere. PrivateVPN offers 56 server locations. I can be almost anywhere. But I don’t need to. I only need access to a few countries to watch everything that I want to.


Podcasts. Music. Talks. Or even getting rid of the noise around you. I traveled with earbuds. I traveled without earbuds. And by the way, I traveled with earbuds that have cables, wireless earbuds, and fully wireless earbuds.

I don’t care about what makes you work better. Native American music does it for me most of the time. Perhaps wind noise. I don’t know. But whatever it is, combined with fully wireless earbuds makes life better. Cables are a struggle. It’s 2018. Forget about tangles. Forget about all of that.

Truly wireless earbuds are the future. Well, unless you lose them. I did.


Check out my review of the Jabra Elite Sport. I’m also looking forward to checking out their new releases soon. But I can’t recommend them until I try them.

Earbuds aren’t just tech for work when traveling. They are a great piece of tech to have overall.

A Power Bank

Phones got thinner. They also became work devices. Sure, as I said, laptops are a must, but we still do some work on phones, and they don’t like to last as long as our laptops.

Full disclosure, this is fully bias as I write blog posts for one of the companies that’s about to be mentioned. They are called Zendure. I call them the Tesla of power banks. And I’m sure many would agree. They make things as simple as power banks so much better. Their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that always reach their goals by a lot. Their recent one raised 367% of the initial goal.

The new X6 will charge every new device at the top speed of that device, and if it’s a device with low energy requirements, it will also be safe to charge. But that’s not out for a while. They do offer several other devices.Solarbank

I also would recommend the Solarbank by Sologaard, it offers a speaker, charger, and a solar panel in one, and it fits into a backpack, but more on that in a second.

Battery matters. Make sure you have it. Especially in the era of e-tickets. I once got lost in Paris, and my phone was out of, battery. It took 3 hours to find my home.

Most tech for work when traveling requires energy. A power bank will make it work.

A Good Backpack

“But this isn’t important tech for work when traveling.”

A backpack isn’t tech until you add tech to it. A good backpack needs to be secure, but it also needs to provide features that make life easier. Sologaard makes life easier. It’s called the Lifepack, and I took to 12 countries since I got it.

I’ve tried many backpacks. Big companies such as Osprey. Some smaller companies too. And they lack. They either look ridiculous, or they don’t offer enough.

The main reason why I love it is that it has a built-in speaker. Go to a friends house. Decide you want to play music. They don’t have a speaker. What now?

LifepackYour tech will die. Most phones suck at staying alive. And what if your laptop dies? Your Lifepack will save your life. Especially when the plane you are on does not have a USB port. Or perhaps, even worse, you see a socket on a bus to find out it doesn’t even work.

But the Lifepack is also made of materials that last. It was thrown. It was almost always too full. It still holds perfectly. And if anyone decides to look in, there’s a lock. A lock that I failed to break when I forgot my pin.

Tech for Work When Traveling – These Are the Essentials

Have this tech for work when traveling, and you will do so much more, and so much better.

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