Be an Individual.

Imagine… Just imagine. You come into a classroom. A new student, a happy individual, great dreams, great actions towards those dreams, full of positive energy, working each and everyday towards your goals. And suddenly a principal comes in to welcome you.



But instead of a welcome you get a burst of negative energy thrown at you. Why is your hair red? Why is a side shaved? Why do you have 3 piercings on one of your ears? Why are your shoes not black? Why are you not wearing a school jacket? And perhaps the lady didn’t know that you wear that jacket to show your individualism and not because it cost 5 dollars more than the school jacket. Perhaps she didn’t know that your shoes were not black and from leather as perhaps you were a strong animal lover. And those piercings? Perhaps they symbolized someone close to you that is not around anymore.beautiful-820950

How would you feel if somebody did not take you seriously? If they told you can’t do it because you look like that, or you wear that. If they told you won’t be successful because you are not following that, or not learning this principle, even though you know that it’s not even true, and you know the proper one.  Reality is that most of schools do that.

But let me tell you something.

“There’s more than one way in this world to be, An educated man.” -Suli Breaks.  hippie-863283

And whether you are a woman or a man it doesn’t matter. This is 21st century. The world is in need of creative people, matter of fact it’s the creative people that make half of the US salaries. Life isn’t about money, but this is an example that expressing yourself is the key to success.

Steve Jobs (R.I.P) and Bill Gates did their things differently. Both were successful, right? Do you think they would be as successful if one copied everything from the other? Probably not.

People get rewarded for creativity. There’s thousand upon thousand workout courses. We only hear of a few. And that’s the people that are creative, people that come up with their own ideas, people that don’t try to copy the industry, but rather change the industry.
Decide your own faith, do what you love, at the end of the day you will have to make a salary if you wish to survive, you got two options. You can work a J.O.B that leaves you Just Over Broke each month, but more importantly leaves you not fulfilled, or you can do what you would already do anyway and get paid for it, if you love helping kids and you already do that in free time, try to convert that into something bigger. Children are always looking for people to help them. If you are great at Football(Soccer), love children, and love helping other people… Then that is something you should consider doing, even if that J.O.B still leaves you Just Over broke… A life spent doing what you love everyday is a life spent living, rather than simply existing.

It might seem fearful to do so… but think about it.. If you don’t try then you are already basically with nothing.

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