Love your pet. It only has you.

blogPosting this as reminder to people to give love to our pets each and everyday because you never know when they will be gone. And at the end of the day your pet is not just your pet but your family too. Family isn’t  always blood, it’s the people or rather creatures you want by your side, and you may have a long life, whether it’s a life spent living or simply existing..That’s up to you. But a pet isn’t a girlfriend or a boyfriend. The chances are they will be with you from the start  till their death. They are the only thing they have. Make it count.


My dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer yesterday, matter of fact the same type that my best friend  was diagnosed with before.(we were aged 9)


It’s hard to find someone that loves you more than themselves. Your dog does. Show them that love back. As you never know when they will be gone, hopefully mine has the strength to fight this.1390376_665227490178458_1351538574_n

She’s been called the iron, the rat, the mouse, the pig, the cow, all of them. Some people were scared of her as she is an “English Bull Terrier”, but matter of fact she never hurt anyone, she loved kids, she loved horses, and she loved lying on the grass on walks. She loved kisses and she loved spending time with people, specially me. My parents, sister and younger brother live in the household, but yet she would always scratch on my doors to come in.

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