How to Make Your Business More Profitable. (Marketing in 2017)


It’s not that you are hiring people that are bad, they were simply taught in a system that is irrelevant to the world we live in today, and in terms of selling, “today” is everything. Marketing is constantly changing. Something new happens. People overuse it. It’s not as trustworthy. People move on.  People are over spending on what used to work, instead of concentrating on what works today, hence not getting results that they expect. That’s what’s happening. swanwickThe solution isn’t that simple either. It’s there, but, if you read it on the internet, it’s more than likely overused already, which is why there’s another solution.

Your Problem With Looking for People With a Degree.

Look at your calendar. We are not in the 1980’s. That paper you get after you graduate, it shows you graduated. This generally also means that you didn’t know something before, otherwise, if you are good, then you are good.  If you need to go to college to be able to say you are a good writer, then you probably suck.

You might be looking to hire someone, don’t look at a degree. That’s the number one thing you should not do. A degree almost certainly ensures that out of date methods are programmed into that individual. That person might have great intentions, but they are often sold a useless product that you can’t even get a refund for. And unless they educate themselves outside of that institution, their help might not be of much use.11-27-16

Stop Overspending Money and Invest Into a Format That Works Today.

Ads are overrated. I mean, traditional ads are overrated. 
I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust ads, why would I? From the second I start watching, I know they are trying to sell me something, meaning they are not fully going to be thruthful, they are going to make their product look perfect. It’s not realistic.

A 30-second spot in a national station costs an average of $342 000.  That money could be used to attract influencers. Offer free stays. You will see benefits of this investment.

There are many types of ads you can produce. Youtube ads. Facebook ads. Instagram ads. The problem, they are getting more expensive, people aren’t as engaged than if it was from someone they trust, and oh, people hate ads.

What Works at This Moment.

This might not work tomorrow. You should have started at least two years, Snapchat is big at this moment. Biggest engagement? Snapchat. We message, we look at the lives of others. It’s interesting, it’s happening right now, it’s not necessarily content that we would keep on profiles forever, and that’s why it’s effective. It documents life. It doesn’t sell.

The Best Way to Do It?pic

Get influencers. Get people that use all these platforms. People that know how to take pictures, how to write, people that know writing that catches attention. Remember. We are not in the 1980’s anymore. If you don’t like something? You leave. Writing in college forgets that too. People on the internet have the power that you need. Here’s why. A person might be looking for a place to stay, they like your place, they write positively about it, people trust that person that writes about it, more than ads anyway.
Me? When I write, when people send me emails or direct messages on Instagram, people trust me. They trust me and rightly so. When I get a product, I am not forced to write a biased review. A company knows that I will write good stuff about their product if it’s good. People are more honest than you think.

Consider This Scenario.

“Tips for Travel” Post VS an Ad Promoting a Hotel. 


“Tips for Travel” Post.

I’m travelling. I write a “Tips for Travel” post. Somebody is looking to travel. They Google a certain term. My post comes up. In there I mention a certain hotel I enjoyed because it had one quality that eliminated the need for one of the tips included in that post.

That hotel understood that different cultures have different needs. Example? Varieties of plug adapters to help people use their products. I write about it. It grabs the attention of the audience. They are already looking to travel. Hence they were researching travel tips. They probably need a hotel room. Now you got them interested.


Somebody sees an ad of people enjoying themselves, they already have been to hotels and they know it isn’t exactly as in ads. It seems bias. It seems too great. You become skeptical, you think it’s a scam. You don’t visit this hotel. It seems over advertised.   Also, it costs to produce an ad, and then you also got to show it. That’s not even all of it.

I watch a match, half time, that’s bathroom time, that’s tea time. When I’m in the pub? That’s bathroom or pint(beer) time. Just because a TV is on does not mean somebody is watching your ad, sometimes they will, but it must truly be brilliant. Most people today, though, they use ad time to catch up on their social media. A platform, where influences could help you gain customers.

Now there are several different types of ads. The ones that are working today are becoming more expensive and more overused. Facebook ads are working today. But you already know it’s an ad. Since it’s working, people are constantly using this system, and soon it will reach a point that these ads will become more of an enemy.  Influencers, though, they aren’t using ads. If they writing on their page, then that’s even better. There are millions of pages, and each is unique, you cannot overuse a certain method.



Do you think Starbucks promised to hire 10,000  refugees just out of pure generosity? There might be some truth to that. But, you can’t also argue with the fact that it’s a great marketing stunt. People write about that. The nationality of someone won’t damage Starbucks, but stating refugees will be hired gets people talking.  It’s great marketing.

Uber competitor, Lyft, donated $1 million dollars to the American Civil Liberties Union. Is it generosity? Perhaps. It’s also known that Uber is an absolute number one, and in order to get people talking about other platforms, marketing stunts like that are needed.

Let People That Do What They Do Best.

It doesn’t even require work. Let them write, let them take pictures. They will come up with real content, not perfect by any means, but real content that appeals to the audience of these people. People aren’t looking for fabricated content anymore. People are looking for real, for real content that has value and interests people. We are not in the 1980’s. We are looking for things that relate. And each writer knows what relates.

Phones ads? Great. Make a bunch of posts showing how great this new camera on that new phone works on Snpachat, and you got yourself, customers.

Influencers. They save you money. Let them do the work they love to do. And let them create original content that you would have never imagined. Do it.  It doesn’t cost you much. Otherwise, continue overpaying. Whichever works.  Influencers, bloggers, writers, whatever you want to call them. People like that are quick to discover new trends.  You can go wrong with platforms. You can’t go wrong with people. And websites will always work. Someone reads my website because they trust it.




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