Menascope Box Review- Men’s essentials.


Kinder egg for men, Menascope. It’s a subscription box providing high quality hand crafted objects to help you be a better man. What I love is that it provides products from smaller companies so the chances are you never heard of these products, this allows you to experience something new but also experience better quality and handmade products. This box will provide something for every man that wants to improve their lifestyle and show that they care about their body, and it does it on monthly bases. You can get a 15% discount with code: SCOPE15

Firstly that bow-tie. Top class. Angelo Igitego. Handmade. Love it. Great colors. Great addition to my collection.



That District Devil Balm Stick, let me just say many males including myself underestimate the power of balms,  this is a great little product with touch of almond. Includes Coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax. 17-1

The Puur Gunslinger soap bar is probably the best soap I’ve ever used. Even my mother loves it and she is not a fan of soap bars. Smells great and washes great. Only little thing is that it likes to crumble when dry in the packaging, not a major thing.14-8978

There’s also another Salt included, Salty mariner soap, handmade in the blue ridge mountains, this one tops all the smells of any of the products included, it’s fantastic. Smells so great I would almost use it as a cologne if I could.13-1

Last thing to mention, there’s a beard balm included too. Unfortunately I cannot grow a beard so didn’t get to test it out so don’t have a comment on it other than the fact it also smells great. 16-8985-1

This box ships at $ 35.95 a month and you can buy it at . And consider it’s a great product I think it is worthy mentioning their social media pages.  Check out their Instagram @Menascopebox Twitter @menascopebox and Facebook.  It’s really a great box that will help with grooming and is a essential to have because you never know what product you are missing out on that could change your life.


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