Mighty Review – Play Spotify Without Your Phone

What’s the point of having wireless earbuds with built-in fitness capabilities like the Jabre Elite Sport if you still need your phone to listen to music while working out?  If you want to play Spotify without your phone, Mighty is the solution for that. But is it as good as it sounds?

Mighty Spotify Player

What Does This Device Actually Do

For me, Mighty is an MP3 player of this era. Who buys songs anymore? They are either illegal or you have a subscription of some sort. People rarely buy songs because quite frankly they are expensive. Why pay $1000 to listen to 1000 songs if you can listen to more for less than $10 per month? You figure out how to play Spotify without your phone, and you have a very interesting business idea.

The problem with Spotify is that it’s like Netflix with movies. You can’t just transfer songs onto whatever you like. You need to use the app. MP3 players don’t support apps. A lot of cars don’t either.

If you wanted to play Spotify without your phone to go running, you couldn’t. If you wanted to use Spotify in an older car, you needed a phone. Mighty eliminates the need for Spotify. You download a special app on your phone. You connect your Spotify account. You sync your Mighty. That’s it. You can access all of the songs you synced directly from Mighty. Without internet. Without a phone.

And it can actually hold up to around 1,000 songs which is pretty impressive as most of us don’t have that many on our phones due to the fact apps and pictures take up an enormous amount of space.

Connect to Any Speaker or Earphones

Mighty Spotify PlayerYes. It comes with a headphone jack. And Bluetooth. That pretty much means that you can connect this device that plays audio. Whether that’s a portable speaker or speakers in your car. Or perhaps your standard cabled earphones. Although, I’m not sure why you would use cabled earphones. Frankly, you are crazy if you do that.

“I have zero respect for people that are complaining about the lack of the headphone jack on the iPhone. Try out wireless earphones and you will never go back. Trust me.” – Michael Smolski

Listen to The “Right” Music in the Shower

I listen to music in the shower.  A lot of people do. I put my phone in danger every time by wetting it. I also have to step out to change the song if I don’t like it. Same if I want to turn a song up. That makes cold for those few seconds. That also interupts my shower.

Mighty Spotify Player in the shower

Mighty is drop & water resistant. It acts as a perfect remote for music in the shower.

And the fact I can just take it into the shower with me and put it on a shelf in the shower is probably one of the best things that happened to my shower in a long time.

Not to mention that if you take this outside and it’s raining, you can still change your music because this has buttons. Chances are you won’t be able to do so on a phone.


The reason it acts as a perfect remote in the shower because it’s insanely quick at changing songs. Faster than any phone I ever used when it comes to that. The buttons are ultra responsive. It’s almost like the device knows what you are about to do before you press anything.

And it’s not just quick in terms of that. It’s quick to put on with its clip. Putting armbands on your arm to have your phone while running is not comfortable nor time efficient. Putting a phone in your pocket isn’t safe. Holding your phone in your hand isn’t practical. Mighty? You can put it on your t-shirt. You can put in on your shorts. It goes anywhere pretty much anywhere. You can even stick it to your ear although that’s not advisable.

Sound Quality

This is a music player. Sound quality matters. No, I’m no total expert, but I know when something sounds good and when it sounds bad. Mighty doesn’t produce actually sound. That’s what your speaker or earphones will do. But if you compare the sound played on earphones and speakers played from Mighty and your phone, it sounds just about the same. And that’s good enough for most people that simply want to enjoy music.

Weird Cable

It’s weird, and I don’t like it, but I fully understand the reason behind it. The headphone jack on Mighty isn’t only a headphone jack. It’s also a charging slot. And it makes sense. You can’t have two slots on this device as it would take too much space. They could have put a USB-C or micro-USB charging slot there, but then the headphone jack would be sacrificed, and that would kill functionality.

So in this case, unlike with the Suunto Spartan Trainer watch, this is actually justified.

If you are planning to buy a Mighty, get a spare cable as cables go missing. A lot. And nobody has this one. 

Not Ideal Battery Life

Don’t get me wrong, this is pretty how long a smartphone lasts, but when being used with a screen, not when playing just music. Mighty is meant to have about 5 hours of battery life. I get 3. Not ideal for long journies but sufficient for workouts

You Can Play Spotify Without Your Phone With Mighty but Is It Worth It?

To conclude this Mighty review. This is the first device that allows you to play Spotify without your phone. Sure, you can play Spotify from your Smart TV, but we are talking about situations where you would have needed a phone. At the moment it’s the only one of its kind. Therefore, it has no competition. It’s not perfect, but its imperfections are justified. It’s tiny. It’s light. It has no space for a normal charging cable. It has no space for a big battery.

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