We Are Ruining People’s Lives. – “13 Reasons Why” – Not Dangerous. Just Reality.

I was never going to write this post. But I had to. I’m never going to do one like this. This post won’t have any fancy pictures. “13 Reasons Why.” That’s why. You know. Some criticized it because it doesn’t help people with their problems. But maybe that’s the thing. It’s not about the people with problems. It’s about people that create them. Everyday. Every fucking single day without ever realizing. This post is about you, the saint, and yes, me too. And about that friend of yours that is meant be an angel too. And yes, it’s about that teacher that makes a silly joke. We are ruining people’s lives. 

Has somebody a funny second name? When you found it fun and decided to laugh?  When you thought that they were worrying for a stupid reason. Fuck you. Fuck you.

Perhaps that kid that had a funny accent. You thought it was just a voice. Well, it ruined that kids confidence that led to a lot of other problems.

“They steal our jobs. They steal our women.” Funny, right? The biggest fear of a foreigner. Oh and that word foreigner, it hurts too. Oh, don’t mention that this individual never had a say on where they will live. Don’t mention that this particular individual has done more than anyone in his school. Why? Who cares.

When you mess his hair up? Pretend like it was just his hair, but don’t know, that after school he had to be somewhere, and that bad hair, it ruined his confidence, and that wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t ruin his confidence by stating “what’s wrong with your hair today?” Whenever it wasn’t great.

Be a teacher, make a joke. Think that it’s okay. “He looks tough and like he doesn’t care.”

Perhaps he cares. He acts like he doesn’t. But he cares about everyone, that girl that nobody talks to, that individuals that people are making fun of, he cares, and yes, he fucking did a lot of it too, but he cares. He also cares about how people hurt him, and sometimes doesn’t even realize the little things that he did hurt other people too, perhaps slightly less than most people do, but never the less. We fuck up people’s lives. The hurt ones. They hurt people. Some don’t even realize it. Some think that they aren’t even hurt, or perhaps they have been raised by hurt people and they don’t know any better.

“Hurt people like to hurt people.”

That individual, I won’t say who it was, but, I’ll say this. Waking up every day, praying while not even being sure someone is out there, actually praying to every God that there could be, just in case. Following rituals, going to the bathroom to avoid certain situations. Missing out on classes. That shit fucks you up. So eventually you don’t even start to notice what you are doing either, you get lost, you start to think, debate, and sometimes you do stuff to other people too, without realizing it.


And I’m writing this because this problem goes back to school. “13 Reasons Why” just showcases the lives some of us live. Your fucking posters that you showcase on walls to show that you can talk to people will not do anything because your posters won’t do anything if the people that are meant to help you, are the ones laughing and talking.

So “13 Reasons Why.” People said it was dangerous. It wasn’t. It merely shows what people go through every day, to people that don’t go through it.

It’s the little things. Things are only a joke. Things people try to avoid. It’s the teachers. It’s the students. It’s us acting like we are trying to help, but do we really? WHAT FUCKING CLASS OUT THERE allows us to discuss our issues? So you can let it all fucking out? NOT A SINGLE FUCKING ONE. FUCKING NONE.

“Talk to your parents.” Some parents are dicks. Some parents don’t have a connection that a child feels is needed.

Solutions? Stop saying that there is help out there. Show it. Don’t say that we should talk. Make us talk. Have you ever felt afraid? We don’t know it feels to talk with people about our issues, and then you put up a poster and tell us to talk to someone if we have a need? Don’t you see the problem with that? There’s no one to talk to because we can’t talk. Society skipped talking about our feelings, sex, and money. We rather not teach about that in school. And then we tell children it’s going to be okay, but that we will be repeating that test during the break if we fail.

“13 Reasons Why” might be seen as a show showcasing a selfish girl that sought attention, you and me both know that it showcases the truth. That we talk, we don’t show. We don’t show our help. We tell people to get help. We fail to actually seek out if they need help.

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