The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson – Book of the week

If exams consisted of writing a book, without a doubt this one would fail, regardless of the fact this book is probably the only book I will ever give a ten out of ten to, and most importantly do so in the opening paragraph. It would fail because of the title, language, and the superb jokes that would more likely offend most people, I’m not sure if this is done due to personality reasons, or simply to highlight a main point of this book, that we care too much about all the wrong things.


A title like nothing else, language like nothing else, and most importantly a “counterintuitive” approach to a good life that actually works. This book is real, and quite frankly its the real  deal. That’s what is great about it, it shows reality, there isn’t a whole “Oh, do this and this and you will always be happy” section, this book tells you the harsh reality, the reality that many try to hide, try to run away from.

If you get offended by “bad words” then this book probably isn’t for you, but then again it’s probably you that needs it the most if that is the case. One cannot deny words only have the power we give them, and this book is a superb approach at life, it doesn’t teach you how to get away from your problems and how to live a stress free life, matter of fact it teaches you to live with the problems and with the stress, just to choose what you care about and how to prioritize what you care about. A superb use of story telling, gets your attention, makes it more readable, more enjoyable.

Normally I tend to share a few lessons in every book I read, this book had so many of them that I my highlighter literally ran out of ink. I will however share one super important lesson I learned in this book that is FUCKING life changing.


“To not give a fuck is to stare down life’s most terrifying and difficult challenges and still take action”,the I don’t like it but I know it’s right for me so I’m going to do it kind of approach whether by saying no to someone, leaving someone, it doesn’t matter. Not giving a fuck isn’t not caring as we all care about something, we are human beings, that’s just part of us, it’s about prioritizing about what we care. Most self-help books will tell you to try to focus on the positive, to always be happy, no. Trying to not think about all the wrong will fuck you up.  Just as trying to think about it, what’s the solution? Giving a fuck about the good problems and solving them.  Solving problems, it’s solving problems that is a solution to a happy life that is taken away by so many self help gurus.

You need to accept the fact that there’s so much shit around us and stop giving a fuck about most of it, you can’t help the fact that we fucked up the planet, you need to accept that crime is here, that people are going to die, stop stressing about it.

You see avoiding problems by trying to be positive and pretending they aren’t there might work in the short term but in the long term they will catch up, being happy ins’t a  simple formula, in fact it isn’t even a hard formula, it’s not an equation that has a formula, it’s a constant process which so many people don’t realize. Stop giving a fuck about certain things, and start giving a fuck about other things that actually matter, problems that matter, and it’s solving those problems, not escaping them or trying to avoid the fact they are there, it’s accepting the fact you got problems and you solving them and creating more problems by solving that problem that creates happiness. It’s a process that always goes on. 


As problems will be there always, they have always been here and always will be, rich, poor, healthy or not, you will always have problems and it’s solving them that gives happiness.  

And in case you feel like your problems are special and can’t be solved, like I said before, like this book states, like some authors before stated, your problems aren’t unique to you, there has been generations upon generations that experienced the same problems that you did, all of our problems are written somewhere, experienced by someone. Just because you weren’t able to afford the new iPhone doesn’t make you unique to that problem. Now that’s probably a bad example as when you decide to read this book you will learn about good and bad problems, and not having an iPhone and trying to solve that problem wouldn’t necessarily belong to good problems. 

Simply choose the good pain, don’t suffer years of study to earn wages of a doctor if you don’t enjoy all the problems of studying to be a doctor, most successful soccer players became successful because they loved the process, they loved training, kicking the ball, they loved the process, “I can’t score so I’m going to practice until I learn it”, they enjoyed the problems, I can’t to this so I will solve this problem, and when I can score with my right foot, well then I’ll also solve the problem of kicking with my left foot, and then scoring with  a header and so on. And then if I solve enough problems I can become a player, and still go through the process.

You need to realize you are responsible for your happiness by solving problems instead of trying to avoid them and blame others for your problems. That if you want to be happy it’s essential to have problems. That’s one of the great lessons in this book, there’s a prodigious amount of lessons that one should apply from this book that’s why I recommend this book as my number one pick of books to read, an absolute 10/10. It’s only out less than two weeks, but I’m predicting a bestseller that will change the world forever.  

Quote of the book “If you go around giving a fuck about everything and everyone without conscious thought or choice-well, then you’re going to get fucked.”The subtle act of not giving a fuck

Buy this book here: You need this book, the world has never seen a book like this, that goes against so much of what many people teach, but then again we are always wrong, which is why we evolve, by knowing one is wrong we can learn and improve and this book is a worthy improvement to ones life.

Publish by Harper one it’s really a solid solid title, Mark Mason, I would like to thank you for the impact this book generated on me.


Another book of the week is over. SuccessIsForAll. I’ll see you on the next blog.



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