The number one thing that’s needed when traveling long-term

If you save up $2000 and decide to travel, that’s great, but you are constantly losing money, right? You start with $2000. You spend $200 one week. And the second week. Your budget is continuously getting smaller. It means that you can only travel as long as you don’t run out of money.

In Dublin.

And that’s the problem. The most important thing is money when traveling long-term. Now, you could save money. I have done a post for Tripcoin about how to save money. I also recommend their travel app if you have an iPhone but saving money is not the key, as while you are spending less, you are still running out.

You are a non-renewable source. And you need to figure out how to be a reliable source.

Work While Traveling

“But Michael? How am I meant to work while traveling if I move locations every week? No pub will hire me.”

You have to work on the internet. That’s the key to long-term travel. You have to become a nomad.  A digital nomad. If you want to succeed with travel, that’s what you have to do.

How to Do It

In Krakow.

Now, you don’t have to be making several thousand monthly. Save up $2000. Spend $1000 per month. Make $1000 per month. It’s easy.

You need a right pitch, like for example at the blog that shows how to write a sales email outreach that actually closes the deal.

Do some photo editing. Do some translating. Do some writing. The creative field is big. People are looking for your services. It’s 2017.

How Much Do You Need Exactly?

The best way to get the money you need is by working from the back.

How much do you need? How much do you need to make per day? How do you make that money per day?

Let’s give an example.

Your goal? $1000.

1000/30 = $33.33 + tax money

If you look at it from that point, that $1000 becomes easy to make.

Once you figure out how much you need to make, start sending pitches to companies for whatever you can offer. Whether it’s Instagram quotes or caption edits. It’s simple. It won’t take your full day. And it can allow you travel longer.

And Once You Do That, Life Becomes So Much More

You get to meet new people every day. You get to experience this thing called life. An experience that no college can provide.

In London


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