What’s Happening in October – Interview Section Is Coming

October is just around the corner. Fall is here. TV show season is starting soon. Lots of technology that helps people. Lots of clothing that helps people. A new category on the website.

A New Category

Yes, it’s coming. INTERVIEWS will be the next section added to the page.

This page is all about success. We want to provide with how people reached success, but we also want to see people that are reaching success right now or will in the future.

That’s cool, now let’s get into the products that will be reviewed.


Are these trousers? They sure look like trousers. They certainly don’t feel like trousers when you put them on though. They feel comfortable than my sweatpants. I won’t lie. I traveled through 5 countries with them this month. I didn’t have a cameraman with me, and when I did, the weather was terrible, which is why the review is coming next month.

Jarba Elite Sport

My first pair of fully wireless earphones. My first pair of GPS earphones. Pretty impressed. Also slightly disappointed but you will have to wait and see about that.

Lelo HEX

Nobody talks about sex. We are afraid. It’s like we have massive insecurity. We feel vulnerable. I blame the internet for this. I am also going to talk about this. In-depth. There’s nothing wrong with sex. And I’m going to talk about how to have better sex.

Sperry Suede Chelsea Boots

These only came in yesterday. I can’t say too much. Chelsea boots are a fall essential though.

Some DNA tests are coming too. Depending on when results come in.

You will also learn a lot about traveling for cheaper.

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October will be great.


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