How to Convince Your Parents? They Aren’t Always Right in 2017.


“You should listen to your parents.” Yes, your parents went through different experiences, they traveled more, they succeeded more, they failed more, but they did that 20 years ago. In a completely different world. What got your parents successful won’t necessarily get you successful. Especially in an era where as Ben Jones said, 38% of today’s jobs will be extinct by 2030. 

Yes. Listen to your parents. They do know something. But don’t ever let them tell you that something is wrong because they never tried it. Your parents didn’t grow up in the same era as you did or are growing up in. If they did, then, I wouldn’t be typing this right now, and if I was, you would probably be reading this in a newspaper.

Particularly in the last few years, parents are not allowing their children to try out thing because they are afraid. The internet showcased so much bad. I get it, but yet, I think it’s insane. Sure, it’s dangerous. Modern technology is also how you become educated for free, how you make money, how you get scouted.

But How Do You Convince Your Parents to Let You Do?

Let’s put it this way. You are either fully right or you are a complete loser trying to make someone believe in something that isn’t right. That’s it. 

There’s this girl. Her name? Erin. She was telling about how their parents won’t allow her to make YouTube videos. She made her first video. It got 2K views. She gained 200 subscribers straight away. Her parents won’t let her upload the second video. They went mad after they seen the first. They see the Internet as this big negative thing.  True, the internet has its negatives. Doesn’t everything?

But in terms of opportunities? The Internet is the most powerful tool there is.

The opportunities that were never seen are here because of the internet. Companies like Blackberry lost because they did not stay up to date. 

So how do you make someone agree with you? There’s this one principle that needs to be mentioned at first.


One way not to do it is by arguing. 

Even if you win, do you actually win? You sure perhaps win your argument. You are the winner. But that other person? People hate losing. People hate being proven wrong. You might have won that argument, but your life against that person will not get any better.  You won a battle. You will lose the war. Since your parents have the higher authority, your life could get a lot worse.

To be honest. While my parents didn’t ban me from experimenting and trying things out, they weren’t really too pleased with it until they seen results. You need to look at it from their point of view too. They might be afraid that you will make a mistake if you do something. Think of it from that point of view. Not everything is about you. You see the world differently than I and your parents do. How is someone supposed to agree with you if they don’t see things the same way? They won’t. They didn’t grow up in the same era. They didn’t stumble upon the same people. They grew up in a different belief system.  That’s why the positive and negative list is great to do.

Positives vs. Negatives

Put together a list of positives and negatives. People don’t see the world the same way you do. If you create a compelling list, it will allow someone to see things in a different way. Many people see things just from one perspective. From their own view.

Here’s the most basic example.


Less Stress:

While you think I’m wasting my study time on making that video, making that video relaxes me. More isn’t more. If you are under constant tension, you will not perform as well.

Better Relationship:

If we disagree, we will never be able to have a strong bond. Poor family bond will not only have an impact on me but also on you.

Building a Future:

“38% of the jobs we have today will not exist by 2030.” – Ben Jones, in his talk at DTS 2017.  If I can’t try out new things, I could end up homeless because that career path that you are pushing me towards might not exist soon.




  • I have less time to study. (I am not using it as wisely as I’m stressed.)
  • I do have to talk in my room so it could disturb you. I can also go outside or film when you are not here.


That’s just a simple example. You need to come up with your positives and negatives around what you notice.


A Contract.

“Give me 6 months of not judging or complaining about my YouTube, nor forcing me to show you videos before they are released and then telling me not to upload them. And if I succeed, If I get more than 2000 subscribers, you will let me do it without ever complaining. If I don’t, I will stop forever.” 

This approach is fantastic. It will give you that freedom. It will also put you into that mindset that you must succeed. “Do or die.”

You don’t succeed? “BANG BANG.” It’s over. 

Now, this contract method reminds me of Suli Breaks. He had a certain period of time to “succeed”, if he failed, he would have to find a job.

What got your parents successful won’t necessarily get you successful. Your parents might be right, but they might be right if we were living in the 1980’s. Not necessarily in 2017.



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