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You see…  I did not always care about my hair. I just didn’t. I didn’t see the value of it, I thought that it was a materialistic thing, I was also just a thirteen year old kid. And all I really cared about was gaming. My life turned 180 degrees since that time.  As I started to convert gaming hours into research hours caused by me realizing this: “Hold on. I cannot live a life in which I will be working for someone else every single day just so I can have money to do something on the weekend, I want freedom to work whenever and wherever I want.”



So I started researching and soon enough I started stumbling into articles. First article, then a second article and then another one. Eventually I was looking at all these advanced tips without ever realizing to look at the easy tips, the ones that people never look at simply because they think life is super  big struggle and there’s no easy solutions to anything, and while it’s true that life is tough at times it doesn’t mean there’s no easy solutions to some problems. Life without any problems is useless. It’s average. I mean all our problems create the experiences that  push us to being who we are today, either good or bad, It’s the actions we take after our experiences that shape whether we are good or bad.. But I stumbled upon this super easy never looked at tip, looking good. Looking good doesn’t mean looking like photoshopped models, it means looking so that you feel confident about yourself. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good then you do good. Not to mention the fact people will judge your appearance, it happens automatically through processes in our brain. If you seem confident and also look confident by looking good then you automatically get treated better and more seriously by everyone. 


But once I started caring about my hair it automatically It became a struggle, I mean I noticed that I felt more confident when I could feel like I looked great with styled hair compared to hair that I did not care about, that I washed once a week, that was greasy and growing everywhere, but it was a struggle as it did not last more than few hours.  I mean trying to maintain my hair was a bit of a disaster.  I was fed up.  Wasting too much time.  I loved my hair when it was right, but it usually would collapse in the middle of the day,  the automatic solution became cutting it which would not make me happy either… So I said…  “I DON’T WANT THIS anymore.  I want to feel good” so I did some intense research and stumbled upon Pete & Pedro.  And before I get any more into it, let me just say to anyone questioning this “ look good, feel good”, there’s so much studies that would back this theory up, not all but many people feel more productive when they have clean desk space, many people work less when wearing tracksuit, stuff like that..

So I got all of the Pete and Pedro products to test them out and let me just express my opinion. Let’s start with the basics. Actually before we start with the basics let’s just mention the fact this product arrived super super fast. Bare in mind I live in Europe too. And it arrived quicker than something I ordered with “priority shipping” from Ireland…. that impressed me!

Alpha M - Aaron Marino - Pete & Pedro
Alpha M


But basics, what do you do prior to applying hair products… you wash your hair right? Shampoo was a product I never considered part of the equation of that perfect or rather perfect for my needs hair. It was that missing puzzle that I never even thought to look at. Seriously. At first of getting this product I still had a tiny bit of my hair products left but starting using this shampoo, originally I did not intend to start using any of these products separately, but the fact my shampoo ran out made me do so, and let me just say how grateful I am that it did run out. I soon came to realization that a hair product is not the only part of  “Great hair” equation. Using the “CLEAN” Shampoo made an enormous difference even though I already considered my hair to be overall in good condition at the time and even though I was still using the normal hair products at the time.



My hair felt softer, smelled nicer, and just had this feeling that females noticed. “Your hair is so soft”, “I love your hair”,  The shampoo has a great mint orientated smell and contains tree oil which helps with removing dead skin as well as dandruff. I don’t think I’m ever changing a shampoo ever again, perhaps maybe only an upgrade to a bigger bottle.  The conditioner was a welcome addition too. The shampoo by itself made a whole lot of difference already but that conditioner is just a “safe bet” to place on a long term greatness of your hair. Many people use cheap products right now, thinking “ It’s a shampoo, it’s a conditioner… it has one purpose.. to clean your hair” But many underestimate the long term effects of those products on your hair. Invest in your health. And it isn’t expensive either, slightly dearer than the average standard product you buy, but it offers that value that those products don’t, value that you will be thanking for.  It cares for that “non-materialistic” health as in making sure your hair stays healthy as well as making sure your hair is always easy to style and looks great. Like styling is so much easier after washing your hair with this product. Just make sure it doesn’t fall into your eye… Unless you love minty eyes.

Pete & Pedro Hair Products Opened
Pete & Pedro Hair Products

But next up. A great variety of hair products. There was a lot of them which is why I wanted to take my time testing them. It’s worth mentioning that the guys at Pete & Pedro offer to look at a picture of your hair and then choose what will work best for you. Which is really caring of them and a great touch. I got all (except of POWER POMADE). And I imagined the “Pomade” would work the best for me, but turns out it was “Putty.”


They say not to judge a book by its cover, I have a different theory, why should I use a product that doesn’t put in their best effort into every single detail, right?  I got the “CREAM” “POMADE” “Clay” “PUTTY” and “PASTE.”  Each offers something different under every aspect.

In terms of these I can’t say which is my favorite and which is my least favorite as it doesn’t work like that. Different products work for different hair and that’s why there’s a range of them, so it suits your needs. The “CREAM” one offers that light hold which provides that shine, the cream in terms of the smell around it is my favorite. It’s superb. Don’t get me wrong, all of these products smell delicious and plain simply put sexy, but the “CREAM” offers something super outstanding. Having said that it doesn’t suit my hair as the light hold simply doesn’t suit my volume of hair. Or perhaps it does…. on certain occasions, the light hold is great on sunny days when there’s no wind and when I can keep things light, but this is Ireland.. And that’s rare.


Next up is “POMADE” the product I thought would be my perfect fit and almost is, It’s a great product. Smells great too. It has that Medium hold and has that high shine which I love, and works pretty good on an average day. And most importantly works better with that volume of hair, or matter of fact simply with how I style my hair as I tend to take it to extreme trying to lift it up.

(Note that I will be including pictures of products applied with individual product reviews in the very near future.)

Getting on to “PASTE,” almost like click and paste the “POMADE”  in terms of the medium hold, but with a different themed look, my second favorite smell. I wish I could be more descriptive in terms of smells,but I’m as good with my smells as with my colors. I can however tell that “PASTE” offers a lime / Coconut kind of smell.down

The second last one is called Clay, and it won’t clay your hair so that you can never use it again, but it does offer something great, well great depending on your needs, some people don’t look for shine or such, some people simply want that basic look, and that’s what this product offers, the hold without any extra touches that some people may not like while others will love, and I guess that’s why there’s a variety of these products, to suit your needs. This product reminds me of the more usual hair product smell.
And leaving the one I use daily for last, “PUTTY.” It’s not necessarily better than any of the other ones but simply fills my needs better, you can’t say it’s better because it fills my holding needs better while the other products specifically state they are either for low or medium hold.  As people seeing that medium or low hold will love them. I love them even though I seek more of that high hold and love them for when I experiment with different styles. But “PUTTY” rocks, it’s not as simple to apply as others as it doesn’t have that creamy texture as others, you basically have to scrape it off, it doesn’t provide that shine which I like and don’t like depending on my needs on the day, But it is the product that won my heart. And that’s the beauty of having a variety, depending on your needs you can choose the right product. 


Funny captions of Pete & Pedro

Mixed with the shampoo use, these products made me satisfied with my hair. I no longer have to worry about my hair not making it to the end of the day unless it’s absolutely lashing rain, and I even would make a statement that it holds my hair during “soccer” Football) matches, and I know some people would say perhaps I don’t use my head enough during them so, but see for yourself. Pete and Pedro solved my long term problem. And you can tell it’s a company filled with  people that are passionate and can have a joke. The products contain mini slogans, mini phrases that are very  cool, for example for “POMADE” the  “ Medium hold, High Shine, Maximum Sexy” slogan. as well as funny  instructions that automatically make you like the product more as it makes it more relatable. Or even names like “GELOUS” Gel as in hair Gel and “GELOUS” as in you’ll get jealous of my hair if I have it on.

Which brings me to the final product, “GELOUS” Which I would generally not use as often as most people,  as isn’t what I specifically need but I tried it and my younger brother tried it, and I can confidently say it smells great and provides a great hold, and judging from fact it kept my brothers hair on outside adventures which can be crazy that young age, as when you are a twelve year old you tend to jump and run a lot. So if it survived that the I must fully approve it.
As a conclusion it’s worth mentioning Pete & Pedro changed my game in terms of hair care as well as hair looks, It made me more confident and made me feel good about my hair. It took a few weeks to carefully examine the products comparing them with different products (sacrificing the hair quality on some days)  or comparing the use of the likes of hairspray without these products and simply using these products without hairspray just to see if these products can really make a difference,  And they do.   Stay tuned for the individual reviews of each of these products very soon. But Pete & Pedro you have not failed, you built my respect by the speed of delivery and the overall products. The ultimate question of reviews, Will Pete & Pedro help you reach success?  While the products won’t take actions for you, they will make you feel more confident which could equate to success in terms of meeting new people, convincing people, and so on. As when you are confident you do everything better.

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