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Do not underestimate the simple. You can have your apps. You can have your MacBooks, your iMacs, great. You can also have millions of pixels coming out of these devices displaying content that is distracting you. Out of a sudden, that piece of technology becomes your enemy. Do you want to be productive? Paper. People underestimate paper. This Productivity Planner combines paper with techniques that size

It’s whatever works for you, you might not need to take things down, but you almost certainly do. Especially if you claim you don’t. Can you write down all of your accomplishments? Or is the answer going to be “Ah, you know, I’m doing a lot of things.”

But Why?

Are you busy? Or are you talking about being busy? Most people talk about how busy they are but when you ask them about what they have done… You get a lot of content that doesn’t lead to anything. Having a Productivity Planner allows you to actually accomplish consistently, rather than randomly.

Mr. O’Donnell, one of my teachers told me before about this phenomenon noticed recently. It was about people spending more time thinking about what they will study more than actually studying.

Productivity planner
Look at this picture. You automatically assume this product is of high quality.

You need a structure that works. You can work without a plan, but, only some people can do that. Are you special? I don’t know. If you don’t plan and are saying you are doing a lot, without backing yourself up, then you probably need to plan. Productivity Planner combines what works and places it in a simple format. 

A structure that works.

Quotes. Each planning page has a quote. Does this matter? Some may say that you shouldn’t need a quote to motivate you, perhaps true, you can’t ignore the fact we are only humans, though, and there will always be a day that isn’t in our favor. Reading that one quote could be all the difference. That’s why I’m writing this review right now, rather than leaving it until tomorrow. The Five Minute Journal was excellent at quotes, hence this is the same company, that’s exactly what you would expect.

Quotes matter. Quotes can inspire greatness. Sure it’s temporary. But one every day? It helps. Until you get into the habit at least.

It’s simple. I’ve had planners before that cost over $50, they weren’t the lightest, but they were also so confusing that it overwhelmed me, it made me give up. This planner puts what works and does it in a simple format. A format that appeals in 2017. In a world where we want simplicity. We want to consume. We want to win. As fast as possible.

2Planner Structure.

  • Date. Important for reflection & progress.
  • Quote. Sometimes the difference between doing something.
  • Most Important Task of the Day.  The task you must complete.
  • Secondary Tasks of Importance. Tasks that if completed will make your better.
  • Additional Tasks. Only to do, if the other tasks are completed.
  • Notes. Allows you to write down any ideas you come up with.
  • Productivity Score. A way of measuring how productive you were.

This is done in a 1x 2x 2x layout. Meaning that the secondary and additional tasks have 2 boxes. You might think that’s not enough but you shouldn’t have to take down the easy tasks that you are going to do anyway. Besides. If you get one big goal accomplished throughout the day, that will benefit you on a much higher level, if compared to 5 half done tasks. 

2 (1)Techniques That Make You Do.

  • My Commitment.  Starts with a commitment. You enter an award, you enter a punishment.
  • Weekly Planning. It’s easier to plan out your week if you have weekly goals.
  • Weekly Notes. Reflection on your week. You can’t improve if you don’t track. By writing weekly notes you can reflect.
  • Weekly review. Allows you to note your wins along with what you didn’t accomplish.  Write down what you learned this week, and what action you will take to make sure that your next week will be even more productive.
  • Pomodoro Technique. 25 minutes work. Full focus on one task. 5 minutes rest.   There’s a square that allows you to enter how many you are trying to reach. Next to that, you get 5 bubbles. You fill one per 25 minutes of work. And then there’s a box in which you write in how long it actually took you. The more you use this technique, the more you will start to see that your work time is decreasing because you are working more effectively. It might seem simplistic. It works. It’s easy thing like this that make you do. Shading in a bubble creates a feeling of accomplishment.

My Favorite Quote included: “When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that in itself is a choice.” 

3 (1)So Who Is This For?

If you are looking to do more than ever before. If you are looking to start doing consistent work, and actually get work done, rather than just talk about getting work done, then this is for you. This Productivity Planner will help with that.

Just looking for a simple planner that works? This Productivity Planner is also for you. Looking for something that will make you better than before? This is also for you. You can’t go wrong with this product. It’s essential for productivity. You can get around without it of course, but tools are here to help us, and this one, it really helps.  It’s not that we can’t do, it’s often that we waste too much time resulting in us doing less than cabable of, this planner changes that. It doesn’t take much use to notice this. 

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 Be productive, be better. That simple.





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