How to Double Your Profits? Changing Your Mindset.

“Make me $1000, or I’m going to shoot your Mother.” He declared while pointing the gun at your Mother’s cold, terrified, and trembling face. This could be anyone. Your girlfriend. Your boyfriend. Your father. Perhaps even your sister or brother.

You don’t succeed? “BANG BANG.” It’s over.

Duplicating that, it would be hard. We will not ask anyone to do it, hopefully, it never happens to anyone. If it did, though, you would succeed, wouldn’t you? 3.1.17

When we need to. We do. When you have no other option, you will achieve. We have a survival instinct. We simply never activate it because we never feel threatened. No wonder why, though. “We are living in the greatest era to be alive.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

A Formula That Does Not Involve “Death”

Book a holiday every month this year. No cancellations. You don’t have to pay for them now, pay when you get there. Give yourself about 3 months in advance before you start this challenge so that you can actually prepare for it.

I’m not telling you how to make your money. Everyone has different ambitions and skills. It’s about knowing you have to make it. I’m putting you into this special mindset. A mindset that makes sure that you make enough money.  How you make that money, that’s up to you.

“But I Can’t Get an Extra Job.” “I Don’t Have a Degree.”


Look at the date. 2017. We are not living in the 1980’s. That piece of paper that you get after you graduate, it does not guarantee you shit. It sure helps. It sure is respected. But if you are good then you are good. You do not need a permission slip to go out and do in 2017. School sure programs us to ask for permission.


“Can I go to the bathroom?” timidly asked the 18-year-old student.

You don’t need a piece of paper to prove that you are good enough. You prove it by what you can do. Companies today are looking for what you can do for the company, rather than what your degree says you can do. Marketing courses in college are by no means prepared to teach you about marketing. That world is changing too much.

“What If I Can’t Change My Job?”

You don’t need to work in an office. You can work online. After work. It doesn’t mean you should form a company. You sure can freelance. You sure can use your artistic skills to sell. You sure can write for businesses. You sure can help with marketing. You sure can take pictures. Whatever it is, you can do it. We live in a much different society today than we did 10 years ago.  And no, 10 years ago was not in 2000. It was in the year 2007. Yes, time flies.  The jobs of today, in few years, they will be nothing more than the past. We are changing into a society of micro jobs. (Stay tuned to see a list of ways to make money online in 2017.)

38% of the jobs we have today will not exist by 2030.” – Ben Jones.

If it’s not there yet, create it. Try it. It might not work. It might work, though. There are two types of people. People that copy the trends, and people that create them, who do you think gets ahead further?

“People that get ahead in the world of creativity are the people that break all the fucking rules.” -Ben Jones.

I can guarantee you that you will find a way. If you don’t, then you hate to travel, or you are the laziest human being on this planet. You are living in the era in which you can make money posting a picture.

This isn’t about how you do it. You know what you love, if you don’t, then find it. And then do something with that.  But having this formula of “I have to do it” is what will make you do it.

 “How am I alive? I shouldn’t be here. There’s no possibility of me being alive.” When you start to think on that level, then you start to see your opportunities.chair-1866784

We are not living in the 1980’s. Make shit happen. Too many of us are too comfortable. That’s why we are not making things happen. You are not living a shit enough life to desire change.

Jaret Grossman, in one of his videos, he mentioned a story about a salesman. Whenever he hires someone, he asks if they have a car. They do. He makes them sell it and takes them to a dealership to buy a new Mustang with payments starting next week. These people have no other choice than to pay for that car. That’s the strategy for doing more. You have to be in that mindset that there’s no other way. In the book called  Drive by Daniel P. H Pink, there’s a story mentioned. The story of Cortés. They had much smaller forces. They were almost destined to lose. What did they do? They decided to destroy the ships. You either win, or you die. No return. Guess who won? Daniel H. Pink Drive

In the Isreali forces, they put a group of the worst soldiers together, along with the group of best soldiers together. Of course, there’s a plot twist. The best soldiers were put into a belief system that they were the worst soldiers. The worst? They were told that they are the best there is. Who do you think succeeded?us-army-379036

But How Does This Contribute to You Doubling Your Income?

It might not be doubled. It might be tripled. This method of putting yourself into a mindset that you need that money will get you out of your comfort zone and actually get you working. Most people talk about how busy they are, they rarely do.

Once you start researching and fully committing, then you will see your potential and see what you can do, and then, while making money for your travels, you can also increase your profits.

It’s not that you suck, I don’t blame you for your lack of drive to do. The school system put us into that mindset. This, this takes you out of it.

Our brain is our biggest asset but also our biggest enemy. It’s about how you use it.


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