Style of the Week – 15th October 2016- Something different.

wp-image-470218173jpg.jpgI was looking for something a little bit different. Ended up with something even more different then I was planning on. This style goes in well on a casual wear. Perfect for students and young individuals.  With purple being the main color for this outfit, it’s quite an odd one. It’s a color that isn’t generally picked my the male population and that’s why I chose it as the main theme of this wear.  The shirt colors match the jeans in terms of colors being similar enough.

wp-image-1909491825jpg.jpgAnd to tell the truth I had a complete different idea for this style but it turned out that the smallest size (Medium) that this shirt company offered was a Medium which I thought would be okay, but turns out I’m a small and it’s only Medium T-shirts that tend to fit me.  So after two weeks of this shirt sitting in my wardrobe I came up with the idea to step a bit outside the box considering this outfit was already different than normal in terms of colors. And so the idea of wearing the shirt unbuttoned came around.

wp-image-962263917jpg.jpg offers you one shirt a month, you choose your favorites and each month one shirt gets sent to you. All of the shirts on their site are $16.99 and let me just tell you, they are by far better than most shirts at around $30 dollars in shops. (assuming you are not too small for them.) The t-shirt under the shirt comes from at a price of $19.99, but any grey shirt will do. The undershirt of course comes from Thompson Tee. $29.99 for my slim version,  this product change my life and I start my style with this undershirt which never gets seen, but makes everything look good with it’s patented technology that prevents from smell and sweat.

wp-image-98544813jpg.jpgThe jeans, obviously skinny jeans come from ASOS. They offer two holes on the knee section. They are currently $12.90 instead of $45.14 (check them out here) And they really are great. I was never disappointed with any ASOS jeans and the price they are at, absolute bargain. Almost stupid not to buy them.wp-image-1700536282jpg.jpgI’m using the same shoes as in the last weeks episode (Suit Edition), “This pair of Monks comes from New Look. Buy them here. With the price of 29.99(Euro)(Originally 39) equating to about $33.59, these shoes are the best in their price range. They really look fantastic, and you can never really go wrong with a pair of brown shoes, and most defiantly with a pair of monk straps.” Brown shoes are a welcome addition to this style giving a nice link in. Different to last weeks episode are of course the socks. Great match with the purple. Matching the jeans perfectly. Mustache adds the meaning to them. They are great quality and come from a subscription box called Good luck socks.  They run a sock of the month club but also sell these individually here: They go for $11.

wp-image-1451974822jpg.jpgLastly, worthy of a mention is the watch. Wrist society offers great quality watches at a great price on monthly bases. Check out my review on them here:, or just visit their website. $29.99 a month for a watch that you will actually love. Not bad at all.

That’s it for this weeks episode. If you want to try out something, try out a new color, be different and also do it on a student or simply average budget, then this style is easily the pick.  This entire outfit will cost $154.54 with a potential of costing way more without the sales. You could also keep it under $100 if you already have a watch, socks or shoes.

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