“The Death of Major Peirson.” Pocket Square by Rampley & Co – Review

This is something I would frame. It’s the most beautiful piece I will ever own. I can bet that you won’t own anything more beautiful either. There’s no competition for this pocket square. This is not an advertisement. This is a review of the best pocket square that there is.

Need red? New blue? Need Yellow? Need Carmel? Need soldiers? Need battles? This pocket square provides you with all. Depending on how you want to dress, you can customize it to your needs. That’s one of the great things about it.

Look at the details on this. It’s amazing.

 It’s the combination of all. You can buy a lot of different squares. And yes, you should have a variety. But this pocket square gives you several different colors in one go. A pocket square is needed in your wardrobe. It’s something a lot of people skip. That’s why it’s essential. Do you want to stand out? A shirt is not enough. Everyone can wear a white shirt. What will make your white shirt stand out?

And yes, it is bigger, but even bigger squares generally still provide the same design. Because this is a painting, it varies. And it isn’t a random painting either.  It represents a well-renowned painting that was finished in 1783. “The Death of Major Peirson.” Rampley offer licensed paintings in their designs. 100% silk. This material sounds premium and delivers on this.

This pocket has class. It has variety. You will never run out of colors that match your date or that match your outfit. And if you do, they offer more than other products do, with quality higher than most products.


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