Things school could do to make the current system work better.

11-16-2016I’m not here to complain about everything bad about school, I’m here to accept that the change Finland made isn’t coming (as of yet) and to suggest what can be done to make this current system seem better so that people that aren’t suited for it can still benefit.  While we can’t change the system, we can change things within schools to allow for better workflow, enjoyment, and experience, resulting in better results. Making the system seem better. 

Finland prepares students for life. The rest for the world? To pass an exam, the rest? Figure it out yourself. Countries like Finland are making progress light years ahead of any other system. Its like iPhone 2g vs Blackberry. 

Exams today are about remembering therefore the key is to increase memory and ability to remember. This is just a few little suggestions, there’s so much

  • Power Naps.
  • Implement technology.
  • Mandatory movement.
  • Classes based on reading.
  • Use technology.

Power naps.

  • Look at this. Food comma is a common thing caused by over consumption of food. Students don’t really know anything about nutrition as other than learning about food pyramid they don’t really know anything about how to eat. Two breaks? Power nap after them is perfect. 10-20 minutes. Short naps are taken by air traffic controllers or pilots. Consistent napping can relief stress. Sleep to long and you will feel tired, but if you do it just right as in a short period like that it will have a profound effect.
  • Studies show power naps lasting 10 to 20 minutes are ideal in terms of boosting alertness and energy. Alertness is needed to focus and energy to work in school. A lot of studies to back this up. Link to one here: Click Here. If we implement power naps, we can then work better making up for that 40 minutes of the day used on power naps.

Mandatory movement.

  • Double or triple classes should be scraped. They might make the teacher feel in flow but don’t forget it’s the students sitting down. Sitting without movement isn’t easy. It’s also bad for you health. It’s killing you. When you sit electrical activity in muscles off legs stops. They are your biggest muscles. Your good cholesterol drops.  Recent post by states: “A recent review of 43 studies analyzing daily activity and cancer rates found that people who reported sitting for more hours of the day had a 24% greater risk of developing colon cancer, a 32% higher risk of endometrial cancer and a 21% higher risk of lung cancer—regardless of how much they exercised.” Check it here:  /
  • Finland have a mandatory 15-minute outdoor free-play break every hour of every day.  What do you have? In my school there was and is a break every 160 minutes.  There is a slight break between classes to get to another class, but the problem with that it’s not enough time. Fitbit have a useful tool that reminds you every hour to do 250 steps.

    Introduce classes based on reading._dsc9429

  • Anything you want. That way students can better prepare for their futures. If they read what interests them they can then not only choose their carriers better, but also learn what will help them outside of school. You also create a sense of freedom resulting in better performance and behavior.

    Use Technology.

  • Instead of printing sheets, email them. I do not know a single student that does not have access to either a computer or a phone.  Emailing saves paper plus make sure it won’t get lost a day after, and allows notes to be accessed everywhere.
  • The use of new sites and learning apps would allow students to learn at their pace. Making them better than ever. That’s real power. I can learn what is thought in college from home, I can now learn guitar through software listening to how I play. I can learn Japanese on the bus with an app. Implement that.ipad-605439
  • Not too slow nor too fast. Technology won’t change education, it will sure make learning easier. Technology has the ability to teach different styles. Let me tell you something. What do you think is more effective learning from a teacher, or learning while chatting with someone from another country.
  • Let me tell you that as a non native, I learned English fully through people around me speaking it. After all how is it that we know other languages. Now I know English better than half the students that I went to school with. Funny enough I didn’t even know what a verb or a noun were until last week. I did know them, I could use them perfectly. I just never learned from a teacher, I learned by being around without rules.

The main problems people would see with these is time. How would you fit all of these? Good question, a question that requires prioritizing subjects, one thing is for sure, if we add these we will work more effectively because science shows that these individually lead to us being better, combining all of these could improve our ability to learn. The problem isn’t always lack of will power, sometimes the problem is simply not thinking outside the box for other solutions. More is less, and less is more. Genuinely. Try to do too many things on a computer and it crashes.clock-1274699-1

I wish I was thought how to get a job, how to pay tax, I wasn’t. I decided to find my own way. I work freelancing at home, have a freedom to work at whatever time I want, and whenever I want. If you ask me, the school system being messed up contributed to my success. Never learned about my health, instead learned about the health of a flower. But then again perhaps I would had not had abs at age 13 if I did as then I would had never followed principles that they deem socially unacceptable. “YOU MUST EAT BREAKFAST”.“Everyone knows that….”

This post simply aims to show what could be done to improve the current system, with that said that current system isn’t effective in today’s world. It doesn’t keep up the advancements of the world.  It isn’t designed for people to succeed. And that’s why reading of non school books is so essential. Memorizing facts is pointless. Specially considering most of the fact we learn in school arn’t even true. But one seeking college must take the hard route and deal with it.

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