Science is bullshit. Culture vs. Science.


Science is great…until is starts contradicting itself. Until experiments start to show that something is both good and bad at the same time. Now, without science, we would never progress, without a doubt.  But science is only right until it is proven wrong.

My Definition of Science: A bunch of people trying to prove that someone’s theory wasn’t right because they don’t align with it. 

And that often works great. A polish patient was given the world’s first hand transplant. The difference? He was born without a hand. It’s a completely different situation if you are born with a hand and lose it. This was a first of its kind transplant.

“Up to now it was thought that – in the case of this type of congenital defect – such grafts could not be done.” – Domanasiewicz. 

That’s how the world develops. Somebody is wrong. Somebody corrects that mistake. They are also probably wrong. Somebody else makes them less wrong. It’s a continuous cycle.

The Real Problem Happens When Science Is Mixed With Culture.

Science said cannabis was dangerous. If that’s the point of view, then science is the biggest threat to our health. Science helps, but it’s underdeveloped. It’s constantly wrong. We are constantly discovering new things and what was right 10 years ago isn’t necessarily right today. Do you see what I mean? It’s not that science is bad, it’s that we as humans twist it around to make it align with us.

Sometimes science is right, but the world still doesn’t care and treats the non-truths as truths because they are more convenient.

Breakfast Isn’t Any Better Than Any Other Meal. 

Most won’t agree. “But I feel better when I eat breakfast.” Of course, you do! You are used to it. It has been your habit for 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years. Ask a tobacco addict how shit they feel without smoking. Habits. Lay off breakfast for a while and you will see that you actually feel good. Or not. It’s about what applies to you. There isn’t enough evidence to even support that breakfast is more superior than any other, but yet, our culture tells us that.  It makes sense. We do feel better eating it right now compared to skipping it for one day. IT’S OUR HABIT.

That’s why science is bullshit. We twist it around to make it our way. If we don’t, it still doesn’t mean that it’s right. Today it might. Tomorrow it won’t. It’s only right until somebody else proves otherwise. Unless it’s against what we believe in, then we will hide that truth. People like me will eventually uncover it. Science is underdeveloped. Sometimes on purpose. Limiting the truth is great when it’s convenient.

Non-truths generally make money. Imagine how much money would be wasted if people didn’t eat cereal in the morning? Do you understand what I’m saying? If the government went to say that breakfast isn’t that important, there would be a lot of revenue lost.

 Science is great if it applies to you, but don’t tell me I need something in my diet because studies show me, what if I’m allergic to that? What now? Am I fucked?

That’s why I love Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen sure uses studies to back herself up, she also calls herself a street scientist. It isn’t always about what it states. It’s about what works for you. If it hasn’t been stated yet, it’s either completely wrong, it hasn’t been discovered yet, or it doesn’t apply to people that live in a different environment with different people.

Science, it’s a funny thing. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes we pretend it’s right. Sometimes it corrects itself. It’s wrong until it’s proven less wrong, and even then, still probably remains wrong. That’s how we have achieved. Wrong, but wrong slightly less each time.

Science is what we know now, but just because it’s official does not make it right. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We shouldn’t exist but yet here we are.


This piece was inspired by a friend that stated that I didn’t back myself up when I said that science is underdeveloped. It is. It will always be. Our bias minds will always try to twist it.

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