Should You Travel with a Briefcase? Venque Hamptons Carbon Review

Should you travel with a briefcase? I traveled with one for about 3 weeks straight. I’ve been with one to Czech Republic, Italy, Milan, and France. Planes. Buses. Trams. Metros. Trains. Walking. I used a briefcase under almost every circumstance possible. I guess that gives me some knowledge on this topic.

Now, for that trip, I used the Hamptons Carbon. And this post is also a review of it.

should you travel with a briefcaseThe reason why I would automatically choose a briefcase over a backpack if I had to go somewhere right now? Briefcases look good. Backpacks don’t. When I have a meeting. When I’m going on a formal visit, having a briefcase means I mean business.

Let me just say. I hate how backpacks look. I absolutely hate them.  It’s incredibly hard to look professional with a backpack. Briefcases just look more professional than any backpack I have seen thus far. And this Hamptons Carbon looks fantastic. That’s why I got it. The carbon look makes you look business ready.

Looks are great but what about travel. Can you travel with a briefcase? It depends…

Are You Going to Fill It up to Its Full?

Should you travel with a briefcase? It depends on your type of travel. If you are doing light travel, yes. If not, absolutely not. Ask my left shoulder.

Let’s say you are putting the same amount of things as you normally would into your backpack. Do you see it yet? On a backpack, you carry stuff on both shoulders. With a briefcase, you do it with one shoulder. That means that whatever you are carrying is 2x heavier on your shoulder with a briefcase. And that will be a problem with long-term travel. Backpacks look bad, but they at least are more convenient.

should you travel with a briefcaseIf you, however, are going to use a briefcase for business only while traveling, then, that’s where briefcases are perfect.

My advice is to bring it but to put it into carry-on luggage, and simply use when you get to the place you are going to rather than traveling with it to get there. Get it out of your carry-on and then, half empty, bring it for business meetings or day trips.

They look good. They are great for commuting. They suck for heavy travel. Bring them with your carry-on or backpack.

Put all the business stuff or even daily essentials into the Hamptons, and put all of your clothes and so on in the rest of the carry-on or backpack. That’s how you look good. That’s how you stay comfortable on business and on exploring. That’s how you stay organized better. And of course, that’s how you don’t injure your shoulder.

The Hamptons Carbon Review

The question of “should you travel with a briefcase” also depends on what briefcase you use.

You already know that Hamptons Carbon looks good. Well, be the judge of that yourself based on the pictures you see. should you travel with a briefcase

I’ll be honest, I am not the biggest fan of black clothing and such, but this briefcase looks stunning. That’s important for business. We get judged. But I also simply care about how I look.


Now, this briefcase doesn’t have any fancy tech that my Lifepack would. It doesn’t come with a lock. It also doesn’t have a portable charger built in which would be a nice feature, but it does offer functionality that I require from a backpack for travel and business. There’s a nice side pocket for your laptop which allows for protection from other items and makes getting it out a lot quicker.

Inside of the main compartment, one side has a big pocket. The other side has two of them. This allows for great organization and making the most out of the space a briefcase provides. A strap is also present in it. You can pretty much fit anything you desire in it. Hard drives. Passports. Notebooks. Microphones. Everything you need for business life is there.

If you are considering if you should travel with a briefcase, you need to know that you will the right compartment for organization and Hamptons also has a secondary compartment in terms of that.

And that features space for your business cards which are very important, well, only if you do them good. Post on that soon. And also, you essentially get two open pockets, with a zipped pocket on one side. I had a lot of bags in my short life and too many times I had lots of space, but no organization wasn’t present, and because of that, I ended up having less space, or everything was badly organized and pain to get out. Venque delivers when it comes to functionality. No modern tech there but everything I really need is there to be fair. Provided that one has a portable charger which is essential for any business individual in 2018.

Comfort and Durability

These two things matter enormously when it comes to travel. I do have one major complaint about comfort. I wish this briefcase had, okay, I don’t know the proper name for this. I will sound like a newbie with this, but  I wish it had a hole so that would allow me to attach it to my carry-on handle. Why is that not there? If you are wondering if you should you travel with a briefcase and are thinking of getting the Hampton, consider if you need that or not. That’s the only deal breaker this product would have.

Now, I traveled with this product with heavy rain. Shoutout to Ireland for welcoming me with rain. Nothing got wet inside. Perhaps the fact that this is real leather helps. It also states that it’s a water and weather repellent and I guess that would help in that matter. Based on the fact that it’s pretty much still in a perfect condition, I would state that is durable.

I always look at zippers when it comes to products, I mean, zippers are vital, it’s another thing you should look for when considering if you should travel with a briefcase as once a briefcase is open, it’s a lot easier for things to fall out, that’s great when you want to open something but not when it’s not intended.

Obviously, every product differs, but the zips on Venque’s Hamptons Carbon seem very solid. In fact, I used them to maximum on my trip since I was fully full with travel gear, well unless I was unpacked in a hotel or apartment, but this product will not disappoint you when it comes to that.

When it comes to comfort, this obviously comes with a strap which is great, but it also has two comfortable handles which I prefer to use, but after a while, your hands will get sore.

The thing that also really matters to me is structure. I need to see a structure. Especially when something is going to be half-empty. Otherwise, something looks cheap.


venquePrice always matters.

When it comes to leather products, I always think that $200 or slightly more is the sweet spot. This one is $219. And frankly, I love it. This page is about products that help, so generally what I write will be positive, but this briefcase not including that lack of hole that would make attaching to a carry-on easier and the lack of a portable charger and lock, is pretty damn fantastic. It looks good. It does what it’s meant to do. Of course, it can’t do any more than a briefcase, so it does have its limits, but all briefcase have them.

Overall – Should You Travel with a Briefcase?

The question of should you travel with a briefcase depends fully on your situation. If you plan to actually travel with a briefcase then not. If you plan to bring it on your travels and use it while traveling for business meetings or day-trips, then this Hamptons Carbon is a fantastic choice!

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